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Urban Outfitters expert product information on Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater.

Anikah asked How big is the Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater?

Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater

Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater

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Urban Outfitters Needler
Megan F.
Unsure of how an xs vs a s fits in this oversized sweater
Sparkle & Fade Crisscross Back Sweater
Hello Anikah. It would fit loosely.
hello Megan!
i imagine it would fit loosely
but I'm on the smaller side
Yes, it would.
and 107 lbs
It would probably be pretty big on you.
sometimes with oversized things i tend to get an xs
i just want to make sure that it won't be too small either
so it will have a loose, relaxed feel still
Correct. I think you would be best getting the xs
that sounds like a good idea :-)
if i'm looking into various oversized sweaters, do you recommend that I stay on the xs side to be safe? they will fit pretty loose for the most part, right?
I would definitely suggest that. That is correct.
if i purchase 2 or 3 different ones so i can see how they fit in person but decide to stick with just one, can I return the unused others at any urban outfitters store?
Yes, you can.
awesome! thank you. i think that's all i have for now
My pleasure and have a good day!