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Under Armour expert product information on Men’s UA Micro G® Defy Running Shoes.

robert asked Whats the main difference between the under armour spine and UA defy shoes?

Men’s UA Micro G® Defy Running Shoes

Men’s UA Micro G® Defy Running Shoes

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Under Armour Needler
Ron H.
whats the main difference between spine and defy shoes
Hi Robert
Hows it going tonight?
just hanging around
always a good time...
the main difference can be seen by looking at the pictures showing the bottoms of the shoes
the spine uses a new design where there is a 'skeleton' instead of a full tread pattern which reduces weight and increases responsiveness when running
yea just not sure which ones to get. its a toss up
what are you going to be using them for?
well i jump rope a lot maybe run a few miles twice a week. and working out
are you using a regular sneaker now? the defy isnt quite a minimalist style shoe, but it is thinner than a regular shoe
where the spine is a regular thickness, just designed to save weight by the "chassis" design
im using some underamour shoes and i use reebok realflex
i just dont want order online im afraid the shoe might be to small or big.
ok. i think you would be comfortable with either than
certainly understandable
these shoes should both be hitting shelves in major retailers like dicks sporting goods in the next few weeks if you want to wait to try them on
what about foot locker. for some reason i never see many underarmour shoes there
not many choices
well the ones i want
they do carry them. its up to them which shoes they want to carry in store and which they want to carry online only
i also have heard they have a deal with nike that gives preference to their product in stores
yea but nike blows
not sure how true that is about the deal but ive heard it more than once
underamour is better
id have to agree
i bought the nike air max 2011 running shoes. its like running with bricks on your feet
huh. go figure, i havent owned any nike shoes in a long time myself
hopefully we'll be able to get some more shelf space with foot locker in the future
do you know what the next running shoe after spine is?
let me see if we have that lined up yet
i see the defy is like 7ounces lighter
i dont have much in the way of detail but coming out the end of this year and the beginning of next year will be the charge rc 2, the shield and the the mantis
or something like that
and thats just the beginning of the lineup it appears
i wonder what has better ankle support
i believe its .7 oz difference. which isnt much at all
man the defy with the green gray and black color is sexy
i believe the ankle support is going to be about the same. the upper parts of the shoe are very similar
yeah i usually dont like green but im thinking about adding a pair of those to my collection
yea not a big fan of it myself but it's different
one more question
do you know if you get the wrong size can you ship it back and get another? probably not i believe
as long as the shoe does not show signs of wear you can return them
so wear them around the house to break them in and make sure the fit is right
this way they can be returned if its not quite right for you
thanks man later