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Sharath asked Would it be better for gaming if i bought an Inspiron 17R or a Toshiba Qosmios instead of this as a gaming laptop?

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Corey D.
Would it be better for gaming if i bought an Inspiron 17R or a Toshiba Qosmios instead of this as a gaming laptop?
New Razer Blade
Hi Sharath!
Is the Razer Blade out of the question for you? It's by far the best choice on the market right now for gaming.
I just want to know the differences between the three
No problem, let me take a quick peek at the other two you mentioned and I'll be happy to go over some of the gritty details with you.
I see a huge difference in the pricetag but not much in terms of hardware
Did you have a specific 17R in mind? The one I'm looking at doesn't seem to even come with a dedicated gaming graphics card.
Yes, the special edition
Is that the one?
Alrighty, thanks!
I'll start with the new Razer Blade first.
That one features the newest generation of Core i7 processor, with quad cores and hyperthreading on each core, effectively making your PC see 8 processors.
Most modern day games take advantage of multiple cores, and multiple threads per core as well, oldergames wont, but we assume you'll be looking at new games ;-)
The GTX 660M has GDDR5 graphics memory and 2GB of it, which is really nice for a laptop for sure.
along with 8GB of system RAM at 1600 Mhz, 500GB ofprimary storage, but where the Blade really shines is the 64GB SATA 3 SSD for cache acceleration
the SATA 3 SSD allows lightning fast data transfers of caches which would normally have to be placed on a standard hard disk with seek times, and be called up later, which takes time (a lot of time when compared to a SSD)
Is cache acceleration a feature that only the new razer blade has? or can it be done with other laptop which have a secondary ssd harddrive?
It's possible that other laptops could do it, but the new blade is designed for it already, if the laptop manufacturer isn't showing that as a feature, it's not something that can be setup on your own, it has to be setup by the manufacturer.
The blade also features the SwitchBlade UI, which has the sceen on the keyboard, which is just awesome if you've ever seen it in action.
Whats NVELO?
Yea I thought that was a pretty cool feature too
Where do you see NVELO mentioned? I can't find that on the new blade page?
Or are you talking about the SSD caching software called NVELO?
Also, does the New Razer Blade have thow graphics cards?
NVELO is software SSD caching, so everything has to run through that software first.
The new blade only has one graphics card.
what about the Integrated Intel GMA HD?
On my desktop I've only got a GTX 460 SE with 1GB of graphics RAM and it runs everything pretty smooth still, so that 660M should be good for quite a while ;-)
Well the newest i7 processors run the integrated graphics off the chips, which give you better performance then the integrated Intel HD grahpics chipsets used to.
Looking at the Toshiba one you linked to, the hard drive is only 5400 RPM whereas the blade has a 7200 RPM drive, so the hard drive speeds on the blade are much faster.
I had a friend who had the Inspiron 17r and it ran Skyrim pretty well, will there be any major differences in performance between the New Razer Blade and that?
I can't say 100% for sure, becuase I haven't used the 17R special editon personally, but if Skyram ran good, it should run good on both systems, but where things will really start to show is after you have hte laptop for a year so, the newer games...
They'll be more demanding on a system, and it's difficult to upgrade a laptop, so the better system you get now, the longer it's going to last you.
Looking at the 17R vs the Toshiba, just between those two, the Tohiba is the better system in my opinion.
But going back to the toshiba, it seems to have basically the same specs as the new razer blade besides the hard drive. what causes the $1000 price gap between the two?
Yea, thats what I thought as well, but i got to see the inspiron 17r in action
Well for one, you're getting the faster 7200 RPM harddrive in the blade, with the addition of the caching SATA 3 SSD, and the SwitchBlade UI as well on the keyboard (that screen on the keyboard).
The Toshiba's screen is also only 1600x900, I think the blade is 1920x1080 if I recall correctly.
well, can't the hard drive n that be upgraded. im sure it will cost less than a thousand for that
It also really comes down to build quality and internal componets too, I can't speak for Toshiba, but I know Razer is using the best possible parts on the inside.
i dont see that in the description however
the resolution i mean
17.3 Full HD 16:9 Ratio, 1920x1080
LED Backlit
It's on this page:
That's full 1080p HD resolution, where the Toshiba one is not.
it also seems thinner than either the inspiron 17r or the toshiba
it that really how it looks?
It's only 0.88 inches tall, so it's quite thin, yes.
Thank you for all your help. I haven't quite decided. But I can see for sure that this laptop is better than any of the Alienwares, which is what i bought last. Bye
Not a problem! Just bookmark
That way you can reference some of the more detail-oriented specs when you do your comparisons :-)
Glad I could help today, have a good night!
i will