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Alex asked Which one is better, the New gen razer blade or old one?

Razer Megalodon

Razer Megalodon

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Razer Gaming Needler
Kevin C.
New gen razer blade or old one?
The new gen razer blade has better specs :-)
but would it be worth the money?
too me I would shell out of the extra if i could
They compare the two here :-)
ahh, I see
strong chipset, stronger graphics card, windows 8 optional, stronger ram.
all for an extra $500
It boots of an SSD?
It's hybrid as far as im aware.
I see
But yeah, considering all the upgrades you get with the new gen i'd say it's worth the extra dollar.
New Razer Blade
You looking for any of the keyboard or mouses for the blade then alex? Can recommend some good ones that suit your needs :-)
Well yeah, right now I have a Razor Lachesis and I am planning to upgrade
what type of games do you play then?
Gonna take a shot in the dark and say FPS games!
someones correct!
I'd have to suggest the blackadder then!
link please
Lol sorry i mean deathadder
Curse you on demand tv!
Razer DeathAdder Black
6400 DPI (dots per inch) you'll notice a difference in your accuracy and speed in game.
other features include 5 extra indepdent buttons that are fully repgrommable.
gold plated usb connectors which send signal from a-b faster.
it's a pretty beastly mouse.
Far as keyboards go then I'd recommend the Black widow tournament edition
Yeah, everyone seems to love the black widow
it's the peoples keyboard
if it was a wwe wrestler it would be the rock
and people would smell what it's cooking.
Razer BlackWidow 2013
Razer BlackWidow Tournament Stealth Edition
So is the blade a christmas present then :-)
I dunno, I would have to save up ALOT lol
Yeah lol more than worth it though.
girlfriend has one, shes playing far 3 on ultimate graphic settings
getting 80-100 fps
do you have one?
No i just casually steal hers :-)
if we break up i'm grabbing the blade and making a run for it!
lol nice
so can I recommend anything else for you then alex :-)
any headsets? If i get one thing, might as well get everything else
haha true.
well whats our price range for the headset?
If money is no object then I highly suggest the megalodon
7.1 surrond sound,
it's own sound card.
Razer Megalodon
anything else i can help you with then alex :-)