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Razer Gaming expert product information on New Razer Blade.

Waldo asked What keyboard, mouse, and blade should I buy(first or second)

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Taylor S.
Hi, how can I help you today?
What keyboard, mouse, and blade should I buy(first or second)
Well if you are planning on getting a Blade, you wouldn't really need a keyboard.
But I can show you what I use anyways.
New Razer Blade
So what mouse and generation of blade should I use... Thanks for the pics btw
No problem :-)
This is my current setup that I use between my blade and desktop PC
This setup is amazing for both MMORPG, and Shooters.
What is the razer mouse bungee thing
It basically sits in the back and holds up your cord, so that you can move the mouse freely without the weight / friction of the cord. Helps tremendously with precision and speed flick movements.
Well worth 20 bucks i'd say
But u have a naga epic... Which is wireless....
I don't use the wireless function
It's just there for when I use the Blade and am being lazy.
I'll hook the blade up to my TV and lay on my bed lol
Oh like razer showed on youtube
but for gaming, I'm usually at my desk so I just plug it in
I suppose, I've never watched any Razer items on youtube to be honest lol
Do you think the genesis by origin pc could out due this
The blade I mean
I think the specs may be a bit better, but in all honesty even the blade is overkill on the specs.
What is unique about the blade is the touchpad and Switchblade UI.
Makes me feel like I'm gaming in a spaceship or something
No other laptop has anything like it
What kind of games do you play?
Hmmmmmmm. Thank you sounds like a better buy for a better prics