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Thomas asked What is the difference in hardware specs between the Razer Blade and the new razer Blade?

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New Razer Blade

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Darrick S.
I had some questions about the Razer Blade
Hello there!
Hey THomas, how's it going today? and what did you want to know about the Blade? :-)
Hi there, I was wondering what kind of hardware specs were different between the Blade and the new Blade
Ahh okay
the difference is the old blade has a duo core, and the new blade has a Quad core.
the new blade also has a stronger graphics card.
they have the same ram, but the new blade's ram is slightly faster.
the new blade also has 500gbs hard drive + 64gb ssd drive compared to just the 256gb SSD drive the old blade has.
Could you elaborate on the differences in the processor (betwen the new blade and the old blade; as in performance/benchmarking/etc.)
The quad core in the new blade, would be more geared towards the current generation of games and the ones to come.
As they're finally optimizing more games to be ran with quad core processors. The duo core still performs well, but it wouldn't be able to handle as much of a load as the quad core would.
So it really depends on what you're playing t run.
If you want to stream games, or plan to record stuff you definitely want the quad core as it has more processing power than the duo core.
Are you looking to get a blade? Maybe for christmas? :-)
Possibly, I'm debating between buying a blade and building my own gaming desktop
Ahh I see.
May I ask you another question?
What was it?
How does one go about becoming a support agent for razer?
Well you could try your luck at but I don't think they're taking any more people for the opportunity anytime soon.
I see, okay! so back to the Razer. Do you personally have a Razer or did you build your own computer?
I don't have a Blade. Wish I did however as it's the only laptop that interest me.
I have my own personally built computer. as I don't do much traveling, so I don't need a laptop.
But I intend to get one for next year for when I take trips.
I see, do you see any benefits to having a Desktop over a laptop other than mobility?
Easier to customize a desktop personally. But people enjoy the laptops because they can just take it to the kitchen or wherever they're gaming.
So it's really up to you what you prefer.
I see, does the blade support multiple displays?
With the proper cables, you could potentionally have multiple displays.
What sorts of display outputs does the blade support (HDMI, VGA, Potato, etc.)
but i'm pretty sure you would be stuck with just the screen itself. and the switchblade uI
Sorry. what do you mean by "[the] switchblade ul"
It has an additional HDMI on the side port.
the switchblade UI is the built in screen on the blade's keypad.
So a single main display and the ability to attach a secondary monitor via HDMI cable, ah and okay I see
that thing over there.
Is the touchpad, as well as a built in screent hat you could use as a youtube or web browser
it also controls macro recording, timers, media functions and things like that.
I see, so it potentially functions like a mini screen, and supports all the applications that the main screen does?
Correct, you can use it with the Synapse program as well to customize the buttons above the screen to your liking.
So the buttons above the screen are each customizable (appearance/function/etc.) Correct?
Yep you can change all of that. I'm not sure how customizable the actual appearance of the keys themselves are but I do know they have built in icons already for use.
Since I don't have one personally I can't say if you could like upload your own photo for an icon.
Ah I see, do you know where I woudl be able to find out whether or not customizable icons are an option?
Your best bet would be to go here -
and then go into the developer forums, that's where all the blade support for apps tend to be.
I see... Are there any customizable hardware options for the blade?
Are you planning on just using the switchblade UI for the touchpad? or did you want a mouse to go with the blade? if you're getting one.
No, the only customizable hardware options for the blade is the first gen/second gen.
If I get a laptop I'll also be using an external mouse instead
Awesome, :-) a razer mouse I assume?
Possibly, I'd have to look into it
Well what game types do you tend to play? If its FPS I suggest the Taipan, if its MMO get a Naga. you really can't go wrong with those.
I'm really a diverse gamer
Was there anything else you had wanted to know ?
No thanks