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Razer Gaming expert product information on New Razer Blade.

bryce asked what is the cheapest laptop beswt for blaying minecraft

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Jacob R.
what is the cheapest laptop beswt for blaying minecraft
Hello Bryce!
Razer currently offers two laptops.
The original blade and the new blade.
Both will play minecraft very well.
what would be the price?
The original Blade is $1,999.99 and the New Blade is $2499.99
Do you play anything besides minecraft?
i also play bo2 and other first person shooter games
The blade will really make a difference in your experienc with Black Ops 2.
What are you currently using?
New Razer Blade
thats the thing my old computer is pretty much broken and the only thing it runs is internet and word
New Razer Blade
Well the New Razer Blade is quite revolutionary and the Switchblade UI makes gaming on the go much easier.
Its really the first laptop designed from the ground up with the gamer in mind.
Its amazing the hardware they were able to get into such a small lightweight chassis.
well where could i buy one?
You can purchase one directly from Razer in their store.
ok thanks
i have one more question
Sure, what can I help you with?
is their really only 2 laptops available?
yes, Razer only recently began manufacturing laptops
and they currently only have two available.
ok well thanks for the help