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Razer Gaming expert product information on New Razer Blade.

DJ asked What arre the specs on the Razer blade laptop?

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Joshua G.
Hi how are you
good, how are you?
Im good so i was thinking about getting the razer blade laptop do you have any ideas
well the blade is really awesome. its look is very unique
specs are top of the line. what will you be playing?
I have no idea i just started saving now
our blade is the only syatems we have at the moment
honestly it is a great laptop. it def has any specs you need and is built is for the biggest games out there
ok thank you. do you know when and if the switchblade is coming out
let me check for you
unfortunately no date, still in experimental phase
ok. what would your recommendation for games on the blade be?
you perfer shooters or mmo's, etc?
a big game on pc and that i love is league of legends. its free to play and maybe something you could check out.
shooter i always have to recommened battlefield 3
the best shooter. much better then call of duty
ok i like shooters but nothing too violent
on pc you can have 64 people playing. jets playing, tanks, jeeps, people running. its crazy fun
battlefeild actually has an option to turn poff the blood
cool ill have to check it out
definelty do. d oyou have steam?
i have a wii and 3ds and ipod. so nothing big
well steam is something free you download on the pc that hold thousands of games that you can buy and play. itll save them there for you
cool how are the tactile keys on the blade
like the facebook and gmail buttons?
like the buttons you use in-game
do you mean how are the keybaord buttons or the buttons set in game?
the tactile keys that lets you use the force in the old republic but it doesnt matter i have to go by