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Razer Gaming expert product information on New Razer Blade.

Chris asked Looking to boost my machine, would synapse do that?

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Mike C.
Looking for Mike C
Hi there Chris! How can i help you today?
Hi there, ready to roll>
Yup, all set
The product list isin't working so well, so i'll link from the website
good call.
Looking to boost my machine, would synapse do that?
Well Chris, synapse could really help with managing your razer products, aswell as Macros and settings. But if you're really looking to boost your machine, i would suggest looking into Razer Game Booster.
whats that?
Ti's a program by Razer, it allows for your games to run at their very best by fine tuning your pc, getting every bit of power out of it.
Cool, even good for an old Mac?
Hmm, i'm sorry but at the moment, Game Booster only works on Windows 7 systems. But it's in open beta at the moment. Maybe you could try keeping tabs on it, it could always come to Macs soon.
Ok cool, what if i just upgraded my computer? is blade any good?
The Blade is AMAZING. Not only is it great in terms of components, but it also features incredible new technology like the Switchblade ui, which gives you even more customization.
good for FPS gameing?
what are the screen size options?
Oh yeah, with it's i7 Processor and 8GBs of Ram, aswell as a bran new GeForce Video card, it can play even the newest games at max settings.
The Blade currently comes in a 17.3 Size, and the Switchblade lcd screen is great for FPS games, you can manage your loadouts in Battlefied and Call of duty, or have it display a map to keep tabs on the action.
I can't find it on the site. can you help?
Sure Chris.
((Not sure if that worked or not, since the system is being a bit finicky.))
dang, that looks nice
is it only in black?
It is, Razer uses Black and Green for the majority of their products.
ok cool. I need a mouse too.
Well, Razer definitely has you covered in that department. You said you like FPS's right? Do you also play MMO's?
wireless please
For a wireless mouse, designed from the ground up for MMO's you need to give the Naga Epic a look then.
what do you use?
I use the Naga Hex, which is like the original Naga in may ways, but has half of the number of extra buttons.
OK, thats enough Mike, thanks. How do you think you did?
I don't know to be honest, i've been really nervious.
I liked how you flipped me links and shared your expertise.
You could have been a little more friendly, but I thought you were fine.
Must have been your nerves!
Thank you so much! I think waiting in the team room hearing people talking about their chats got me all psyched out
no prob, we'll follow up with you later today around or decision. Cool?
Very Cool. Thanks for your time Chris!
Yup, thanks to you too