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Razer Gaming expert product information on Razer Ouroboros.

Ben asked Looking for a good gaming laptops, what are my options?

Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros

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Martin C.
RAWR! Greetings fellow adventurer, how might I assist you today?
Hello there, Ben
How can I be of assistance to you today?
Hey Martin, thanks for helping
Im looking for a new laptop, but Im not sure what to get. any suggestions?
Haha aren't we all? Well you're in luck, here in Razer we have not one but 2 new gaming laptops!
sweet! tellme everything, and what the differeces are
please :-)
There's the original Razr laptop which I will say is still pretty good but it basically improved upon my the Razr blade 2.0.
nice nice
The main difference would have to be the speed as well as processing and over all memory space! The 2.0 basically improved upon the 1st in a very big way. Let me see if I can link it for you
cool, thanks. hows the graphics performance?
im afraid it cant handle all of my demands
I can't say for certain about the performance for the new laptop. But when I was at CES 2012 I got to try out the old laptop and from what I can tell it plays every game on ultra~
Which where you looking at the original?
that sounds good, is it good for normal computer stuff too?
Yes! I myself have always wanted to get a stylish laptop with alot of great specs (thats not apple)
haha apple, that's what I use
and I think you have more than enough for your ordinary computing needs.
ok great!
Do you play any games on the mac?
so Im also considering accessories to take my computing gaming experience to the max
do you have any reccomendations on a controller for my new laptop?
Since you bring up using a control for your games I take it you're a FPS player>?
and I wish! but the cd drive is broken in it now
yeah I love FPS
its the best
Haha I see we kind of gotten ahead of ourselves but to answer your controller question. Pls look at the screen
nice i see it
The Razer is the companies baby in terms of console or pc gaming with a controller
nice nice, how is it a better experience?
and hows the response
Its already gotten 2+ years of MLG/Pro gaming play times and always gets a 10 or A++ in reviews
no way thats great
It handles pretty well and stays like that for well over 1 year. I don't own one, but my friends always brag about theirs to which I "borrow" from time to time
cool I like the limited ed ones
i was also thinking about a mouse
but i want ergonomics as well as very fast response time
what do you recommend?
Since you asked I shall deliver, may I present to you the Razer Ouroboros!
cool it looks ridic
Its a really good mouse, its pretty responsive and handles like a charm
how does it compare to your other mouses?
If I had to rate this mouse in real life its a ferrari and the compared to the over all scrolling/ dpi of other mouses
cool, what is the dpi btw?
Its actually beats my current mouse
its around 8200dpi
nice thats really good haha perfect for me. i hear a lot about your mousepads, will they really make me a better player?
glad I can help with the mouse.
As for the mousepad I do feel that a good combonation of mouse + pad makes all the diff
how do the mousepads do it then? like how are they special
Are you interested in buying one to include your "bundle" ?
yeah I was defintiely thinking about it
Our mouse pads have actually taken on rocket engineering thats surpised me over the years!
wow thats impressive
Simply put ALOT has gone to making these newer models that i feel that they are worth the money vs older ones from razre
sorry razer*
awesome, so if I buy one, what effect will it have
They even have features that use the mouses sensors so not only does the mouse work hard for you during heated games so does your mouse!
With synapse 2.0 this makes its so your razer gear is working at its most optimal settings. And this feature comes standard now to every 2012 models
cool ok
one last concern
i was wanting to buy my brother/cousin an xbox controller and headset with mic, do you carry those as well?
Like we talked about the with the Onza we can give your brother his very own controller (while you have yours) and we can add in a separate headset for him.
Does he use surround sound with his machine or is he borrowing yours?
he needs surround sound definitely
Will he be using this headset for other things outside of gaming?
nope just for gaming really
Alright is he the type that hates tangles of cords or hes fine with a little cable management?
a little management is fine i reckin
Sounds like your brother will like the Razer 7.1
I would have recommended the Chimera but I feel the tiamat will be better for him
ok cool, Ill check those out
now if he doesnt like them, can he return it?
Yes every product comes with a 1 year warranty and since its a headset its going to be a 30 warranty
awesome thats perfect!
ok that sounds good man, I cant think of anything else I need
I hope you have everything you needed
I do indeed, thanks so much for your help- havea great day!
I think thats it for you Ben!