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david asked Is the razer blade really worth it, I want a computer for school and many games, is it right for me?

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Darrick S.
Is the razer blade really worth it, I want a computer for school and many games, is it right for me
Hey David, I see you're interested in the Blade. It is a pretty sweet laptop for sure. Do you currently own one?
I do not, but I might be wanting one
That's a shame, but it would be a great laptop for gaming and school because of how lightweight it is.
Not to mention it's designed for gaming so you can't lose.
How long is the battery life, will it last the day without a charge
Battery life totally depends on what you are doing with the laptop. I would say the average battery life would be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.
Are the graphics very good, and will they run something like lol on ultra without any lag
Yes it has a good built in graphics card, and it has a very fast processor depending on the versoin you get.
Do you play league of legends pro or just ranked ELO games?
The blade has a Geforce GT555 or a 660m if its the new edition. and 2.8ghz dual core for standard.
Usually ranked elo games, but I have a team that wants to go pro, even though it is probably too hard
Haha i'm sure you guys can put up a good fight. but to answer your question it would easily run league of max graphics without a problem in FPS.
The blade is the perfect balance in speed for the processor and the graphics, not to mention the 8gbs of ram. the SSD will also help you load into games faster. Who is your favorite champ?
Maokai is currently my favorite, and are the processors both i7
Sweet, I play Maokai now and again he's fun in ARAMs. and yeah the processors are both I7
Difference is one is a dual core the other is a quadcore.
2.8ghz dual core for the standard/old Blade, and 2.2ghz Quad core for the new
Is it possible to upgrade any of the parts at any time
It is probably possible but seeing how it's a laptop, you take an extreme risk of breaking it in the process.
Because the blade is slim in design, I can't say exactly how easy it is to modify.
You would also probably void the warrenty doing so.
Ok, and last question how large are the hard drives on both
The hard drive of the old blade is 256gbs and the new one is arounn 500gbs.
Which blade do you think you would prefer?
The newer one has better componets but you would save quite a bit with the old one and it would last for all the current gen games. It will crush League.
It depends on my money situation, will there be any sales soon
Ohh i'm sorry to say but there was a black friday sale, and I don't believe Razer will be putting any new sales up anytime soon.
Ok, thank you for your time
No problem David, glad to help out. Hopefully you do grab yourself a blade, oh I almost forgot, you said you guys are trying to go pro?
I hope to one day
Okay, well best of luck in that, make sure when you guys are ready you apply to be a team razer sponsored group.
Thank you
:-) My pleasure David.