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will asked Is the razer blade laptop worth it?

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Taylor S.
hey is the razer blade worth it
Hey Will, how's it going bro?
its going good man
Are you referring to the New or the Old bladE?
the newer one
Well, it actually depends on what you plan on doing with it.
Ie. what kind of gaming do you do? How long do you generally play for? Do you travel with it? etc.
ok so say i use it for arma 2 and dayz and battlefield 3 and such stuff like that
Well I've played DayZ and BF3 on it, as far as the stats it runs at about 46 celcius at maximum settings on those games, and generally stays firmly between 90-110 fps at max settings
So it's a bit overkill for the games that are out right now, but It should be able to hold max settings at high FPS for the next few years. That was one of the appeals to me when I bought it
ok thANK you for your time. Yt@ TrintiyHD
No problem bro!Is there anything else I can help you with today?
no thank you