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Razer Gaming expert product information on Razer Kraken Pro.

Ben asked Im looking for a new laptop because I sppilled a delicious milkshake on my, do you have any recommendations?

Razer Kraken Pro

Razer Kraken Pro

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Razer Gaming Needler
Thomas M.
Hello! My name is Tom and I'm a Razer Product Expert. How may I assist you today?
Hey Tom how's it going?
Good, and yourself?
Very good! Listen, Im looking for a new laptop because I sppilled a delicious milkshake on my, do you have any recomendations
I need insane graphics and processing
Then look no further! lol
We have the Razer Blade for you
tell me about this machine
thanks for the link
Well for starters, it has a touch pad on the right side
I don't think you've ever seen that before?
no way man, that looks really cool. what benefit will that have for my gaming?
That's just cosmetics, but it has your "insane" parts in the guts.
nice, I love some insane guts
tell me about them, please
intel core i7 processor
You're clocking at 2.8ghz
Turbo at 3.5ghz so no worries with speed there.
What type of games do you usually play?
It also comes with 8 gigs of DDR3 ram for multiple application usage.
Im mostly into first person shooters and some games with challenging graphics, like WOW and diablo 3
wow thats really nice. is it very durable?
Well for that side, it has an Nvidia GT 555M 2GB DDR5 VRAM
I'd say yes on the durability
But if you spill constantly, I'd recommend a 3rd party laptop spill mat :-p
What are you currently running for graphics?
im using alienware right now, I think Im pretty sold on the computer actually, i just need some accessories
Alright, well what areas are you lacking in?
like a mouse, what is going to be so ergonomically correct my hands will be in love?
Well you stated earlier you play a lot of FPS, so I would recommend our DeathAdder
Are you right handed or lefT?
We also have a left handed DeathAdded
great ive seen this one, and Im right handed
Alrighty then.
thats great! is it pretty simple to use, or does it come with instructions
All of our products come with a full instructional booklet.
Also, with our Synapse 2.0 software you can easily program your mouse with ease.
Nice! I like the sounds of that
how is the response time
Have you thought about a new mousepad with the mouse?
im always faster than my machine
You're looking at 3500dpi
I havent, but I am now! Whats so good about your mousepads?
So no worries on the response time.
haha Ill say!
Each mousepad we carry can be programmed with each mouse with the Synapse 2.0.
This makes each mouse the best it can be with your setup.
cool- but Im kind of confused, what will programing it do, make me a better player? is one for reference.
Programming the mouse to sync up with your pad will enhance the gameplay overall
Think of a fishing pole with the right kind of bait. It just makes it that much better.
(just asked him to standby)
yeah for sure, that sounds good! are the mousepads worth it really?
I can't honestly afford one, so I've never tested it out personally, but they receive outstanding reviews.
I also see the pro players with them all the time as well.
nice, Ive really heard that. and Im not a pro, but dress for the job you want, not have am I right?
You are right! haha
so the mousepad sounds great. I have another question
Im lookin gfor my little brother for xmas
and he wants a new controller for PC, but I really want something cool for him you know?
what do you have
What kind of games does he play?
all kinds really. RPG and FPS
Here is a selection of all of our gaming controllers >
I'd recommend the Rzer Onza
yeah it looks really cool, like an xbox controller?
Exactly that
But guess what?
Built so much better....And you can not beat the price, am I right?
yeah it's super cheap- what makes it better?
The weight is less as well as response time. It also is USB so you can use it in virtually any game.
You're not limited to games that only accept the Xbox controllers.
oh yeah thats really cool, I like that
It has the mic port as well for chatting.
if I get one of the colorful special editions do they have the same quality?
They will be exactly the same as the tournament edition.
You just get to rep one of your favorite games at the same time!!
ok awesome, is there anything else you might reccomend for him? something that fulfills the ulitamte gaming experience
Well if I know little brothers....he likes to talk trash to the other team or other players, yea?
Does he have a gaming headset?
he doesnt! what do you have?
I'd recommend the Kraken Pro
it looks cool, what makes it good?
It has the Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 52 dB
It's a good basic headset.
awesome, if he doesnt like it what do i do?
You have a 30 day return period in which you can return the product.
You'll go through our RMA process and be responsible for shipping costs, though.
sweet! just what I need. that sounds good to me.
i guess thats all I need tom, thanks for helping out
Yeah anytime!!
I'm glad I could be of assistance.
take care
You too!