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Razer Gaming expert product information on Razer Invicta.

Ben asked Im in the market or a new laptop, and im not sure which one to get, any recommendations?

Razer Invicta

Razer Invicta

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Razer Gaming Needler
Darrick S.
Hello! I'm Zane. How may I assist you today?
Who are you waiting for?
let me check
I'll transfer you over.
thomas millard
Doesn't look like he is here. :-(
oh no! I just turned one away until later
ok i can hang out on chat until he comes in
or the next guy
Alright. Want me to transfer you to the next guy on your list?
sure, it's Darrick Smith
Hey Ben
Hey Darrick, you ready to get started man?
Yes, definitely.
Cool! Because Im in the market or a new laptop, and im not sure which one to get?
Sounds like you would be interested in Razer's blade. Ultimate in gaming laptops. Wanna see it?
Thanks man, Id love to check it out
it looks pretty cool, but expensive, is it worth it?
It definitely is. As its designed for gaming, it features a fast I7 dual core processor, plenty of ram and a solid geforce grapphics card.
and a special build in switch blade UI lcd
woah nice. I like it, but is it going to handle my games well? i hate lag...
You won't or should experience any graphics lag with the 2.8ghz dual core processor and the 8gbs of ram. :-)
unless you meant internet lag, but thats up your service provider
ok cool, Ill think about it. I use a walmart pair oh headphone, but my friends say to get these
idk though, which headphones are good from razer?
Razer has a vast selection of headphones, did you want just headphones or did you need a microphone?
yeah microphone definitely. this is for COD black ops 2!!!
I need the sound to be so good my k/d is the best
Oh sweet, black ops 2. Do you play professionally as well?
nope, but Ill take the pros headphones
dress like the job you want, not have right?
hahah definitely man.
Okay, then you might like either the Tiamat 7.1 or the Megalodon which is also a 7.1 surround sound headset
ok cool, which one is better?
I am a fan of the megaladon, personally the sound quality is a lot crisper, even when listening to music.
can you show them to me?
In game, you will be able to hear which direction people are coming up on you as well. ;-) Your k/d depends on your skill.
(it's not in the product catalog yet)
my k/d depends on my sounds mane!! I need good sounds
those look sick
Hahaha, knowing where someone is helps but you need a good mouse too bro.
Im kind of nervous though, what if I try them and I don't like them?
All officially purchased razer products have a 30day refund period
ok, what if they break after 30 days
like on day 31
or day 365
You should still be covered under the 6-1 year warrant as long as you register on the website.
ok that sounds fair
Have you signed up on our site and gotten the newsletter?
no I haven't
how do I do that?
I highly suggest you do it, you can follow this link.
you will get our latest information and maybe have a shot at a few prizes when Razer does a giveaway.
ok Ill do that right now
you said something about a mouse earlier
but Im kinda scared because theres so many buttons
Would you prefer something not as complicated?
no way man I want the top of the line! I just want to make sure I can use it
You said you play COD, so I imagine you want speed and precision?
yes, if it can't keep up with my trigger finger, send it back!
Amen to that.
Are you left handed?
so what would you reccomend? and no im righty tighty
Then you would probably like the Death Adder mouse.
tell me more kind sir (since its not in the product page)
Okay, the Death Adder is a right handed mouse, it has two side buttons which is great for grenades or a quick knife kill.
I like it, how is it going to make me a better player while fitting all of my comfort needs?
ok thats really good
3500 dpi, means QUICK movements, you can adjust the sensitivity to your liking as well. either slow movements or speed.
Yes, this is a great mouse for comfort it has a medium arch.
woah I didnt know that, thats intense
It should fit perfectly into your hand.
ok cool. that actually sounds like a pretty good fit for me unless you have any other suggestions
Well, I have to ask, do you play just FPS games or do you enjoy MMOs as well?
It is a great all around mouse but if you want more buttons for your MMO sprees, i have something you might like.
I play the MMO from time to time, what you got?
Okay take a look at the Razer Naga.
17 buttons for maximum customization.
nice, are there instructions for it?
It is very fast as well, so you can still use it for COD. I have used one for at least 5 years.
Yes, every razer product includes an instruction manual.
And if you ever need help you can always come back and ask for help.
ok that sounds awesome. so my dad is paying for this, are there any other necessities for my cool new set im getting?
awesome, ill do that
Well I can let you in on a little secret but you want the best out of your new mouse right?
yeah most definitely
Okay, then you're going to want to check out this sweet mouse mat.
Razer Invicta
It's dual sided, one side for speed, one side for precision.
nice! so what does it do?
Pretty much on the precision side, its a bit more grainy, so you can feel the moment and it is more controlled.
on the speed side its slick, so you swipe and glide.
The mouse mat itself helps pick up the sensor from the mouse and gives you better accuracy.
ok that rocks, ill take one! how much is shipping and how long
im not very patient, i really wantit fast
How fast are you wanting it? within a couple of days?
You said its on your dad right, if you're positive he won't get mad, you ca get it within 1 to 2 business days.
If you order before 3pm.
dude yes how much is that?
Just don't order on a Saturday, because you wouldn't get it until tuesday.
$27.45 generally for express shipping.
Is that too much for you?
nope sounds just right, ok well thanks all I need Darrick
thanks for helping me out
Awesome, I hope it takes you to victory in COD man.
Anytime, if you need anymore help come back any time.
it will, you can look for me im AWESOMEGAMERMAN#!
thanks, later