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Apollo asked I'm considering in buying a Razer Blade or Retina Macbookpro

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Darrick S.
Ionsidering in buying a Razer Blade or Retina Macbookpro.
What should i pick.
Hey Apollo, what's keeping you from getting a razer blade today? :-)
Personally, I don't think a lot plays on mac. unless you're a music designer. The blade is designed for gaming.
What do you plan on doing with your laptop?
Razer Blade
everything including gaming.
Have you already compared the specs of the macbook pro to the blade?
some things yes.
The new retina display in the 15
Ahh that's good.
is lighter
and thinner now
Is it as light as a blade at only 6.6lbs or as thin?
I don't look at macs very often myself.
Comparing the specs, the blade has a larger screen. the switch blade ui and a SSD hard drive over a Retina. ontop of the thinness/weight
the new MBP with retina is under 5 lb and is .71 inches and that retina display 2880 x 1800 is gorgeous.
Very nice display res for a laptop :-)
but im a gamer which sucks.
i like the razer.
Will they be upgrading again soon meaning the display?
New Razer Blade
I am not sure personally.
They don't give me that sort of information sadly.
The MBP retina is SSD only.
Comparing the specs/price wise, i would still go with a gen one blade over the Retina. but I have never been overly impressed with high display res's
In a way I am but I realized based on the reviews that there is no 3d card that can power that kind of display to it's fullest potential.
Will you guys be releasing a 15' version?>
It kind of seems like they just tossed a lot of componets into the system and didn't really hash out the details.
well the display on the blade is already at 17.3
They could have tightened the res though. i don't know if they'll be making any more changes to it however.
Was there something else on razer's site you needed help with or was it just the blade info?
are there any other customizable config?
Personally, if it was me, dropping 2k on a laptop I would go with the blade, because I want the extra switchblade ui feature it has. I am strictly a desktop gamer, so that is a feature that kind of draws me.
For the blades system spec? just the first gen blade and the 2nd gen.
Outside of that there are no variations.