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Brent asked I just want an honest opinion on the New Razer Blade laptop.

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Armand D.
Your honest opinion on the "New Razer Blade" laptop.
Hello there Brent, how can I help you today?
As the title says, I just want an honest opinion on the New Razer Blade laptop.
Not a workers point of view, a users POV.
Honestly, I love it and I'm saving every cent I have to get one
Believe me, I don't answer anything as a worker
You believe it's worth the price?
I do. For the sleek form factor, the speed and size, I do
It would run every game I play at max fps
And I could take it anywhere
Do you have the original Razer Blade?
I never buy 1st gen stuff, so no
What products do you own from Razer?
I own the Onza control for Xbox 360
The BlackWidow Ultimate
The Naga Molten
And the Kraken headset
Are the headsets worth it?
Definitely, I've tried everything from Astro to Turtle and Tritton, I love Razer sets
I have a pair of turtles, that I've had for a long time now but I'm looking to possibly replace them honestly.
I have a BW Ultimate and an older Abyssus mouse, and I have to say I'm quite satisified with both.
I recommend the pair I put in the panel there, the Kraken Pro
So comfortable. I play roughly 100 hours a week
Razer Kraken Pro
Razer Kraken Pro
I've heard about the Kraken's before, but never in full detail from a person, so it's nice to get some feedback about them.
No problem at all. I'm wearing them now, and have been for 6 hours. The weight is non-existent and the quality is great
You know the feeling you get when you have a headset on for too long and your ears get extremely sore?
Does that happen with the Krakens?
Or would you say it helps with the "soreness" level a lot.
Not at all, the Krakens are unusually comfortable
That's a relief to hear
Believe me, I know what you mean. I used Turtle X12s for the longest time, couldn't take it anymore
That's one of the main reasons I want to replace my turtles. They're nice and work pretty well still but literally just kill my ears.
What kind of games do you play?
I mainly play League of Legends computer wise now.
I use to play a variety of games via computer but have recently narrowed it down.
I gotcha, I play LoL too
Do you play any FPS's?
Not at the moment, no.
So you don't really need surround sound then?
Not necessarily unless I'm using them for my xbox.
If you'd like to use them on the 360 as well, the new Carcharias is dual purposed
Could you link them for me via item bar?
Unfortunately they haven't updated our product list in here, I can give you the web url though.
That's fine
You would say these are pretty reliable?
Definitely, original pair
*Original pair still in use
How are they on a comfort level?
I have the original Carcharias, so I can't say if they've adjusted anything in the new set, but they are very comfortable
Not as comfortable IMO, as the Kraken Pro
On a scale of 1-10?
I see, I see.
Kraken though, 10.
How important is your audio need?
Well, how important is your audio need versus your comfort need?
I have to say if I get a pair of extremely ones and the sound isn't good I'd be disappointed obviously.
But, I would say
What's your price point or budget?
If I break it down I would say 60% comfort 40% audio need.
Gotcha. they both have roughly the same quality but definitely comfort, IMO, goes to the Kraken.
Alright, also I don't have a "set" budget at the moment.
Pretty much, if it's worth the price, I will most likely buy it.
I will say I would like to spend about $150~ though, personally.
Gotcha. Let's see....
Oh, also another factor If possibly is sound proof.
Let's just put it this way, I don't really want to hear when my dog is barking at neighbor kids walking down the road.
I gotcha. In that case, I recommend the Blackshark which I linked there
Sound isolation, modeled after helicopter pilot headsets
I definitely say that one.
I see it's made with memory foam as well, what would you think the comfort level on that would be? 1-10?
8-9 for that one. The memory foam on the cups definitely adds to the comfort, it also is made to work with regular MP3 players like iPods and such
So it should be very comfortable
Oh, really? Interesting
Do you partake in mobile audio?
Or do you have a laptop that you use out and about?
I have a desktop at the moment, so mainly I use my iPod for music etc.
Don't plan on hauling this thing out and about with me, haha.
I gotcha. I will mention though, the mic is removable as well
On the blackshark
That's actually a kind of handy feature
I'd imagine so. Especially if you're exercising or just using it for random music, you don't want the mic in your face
Very VERY true.
Here's the real
How do you think the mastery/store update will effective Junglers in the future S3 season of LoL?
The real question*
Lol, good question.
I dunno is gonna spike
Since gold gain seems like it's gonna jump
Not to mention the pickpocket mastery in the utility tree now.
Lol, I imagine I'm going to have to use other characters. Who do you main?
I mainly support and jungle and on the occasion I top lane if forced to.
Favorite jungler is Lee Sin by far.
Support wise, I'm not sure.
I run a mean Ahri mid, I play her pretty aggressively
Lee Sin is great, what do you think about the rotations? I feel like they don't really open up enough heroes
I refuse to buy RP
Honestly, the rotations RECENTLY have been almost random in my opinion..
I don't know, it just seems like the rotations could be chosen a lot.. better per say.
I've bought RP once in my "LoL career" way back when.
I've considered it, for a point or XP boost
Darius had just came out and I really wanted to buy him but didn't have enough IP.
So I caved in and bought RP, hahaha.
I could see doing that, lol
How many champions do you own?
Hm....I think like 10ish?
Really now?
Lemme see....Ahri, Siv, Yi, Warwick, Lux....
Who else...
Dragon chick....can't remember her name.
That's her
Also Annie
I'm assuming you're not level 30 yet?
No, not yet, I got sidetracked by Civ5, TW:S2, BF3 and FarCry3
Bahah, understandable.
Lol yeah
I've racked up about 35 ish champions so far.
But, let me tell you it took a lot of games.
Anyways man, I appreciate your time and help.
No problem at all, it was great talking with you man
It's been nice chatting with you and not a computer' for once.
I agree whole heartedly
Just to let you know, there's a survey at the end of the chat, we're trying to collect a lot of feedback since this is a new service
Will it pop up when I End Chat?
Sounds good, man.
Well, again it was nice chatting.
Happy gaming dude.
Same to you man.