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Razer Gaming expert product information on New Razer Blade.

Jones asked do you think I could run any pc games un max settings with 60 FPS on the new razer blade

New Razer Blade

New Razer Blade

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Steven I.
do you think I could run any pc games un max settings with 60 FPS on the new razer blade
New Razer Blade
Hi Jones, how are you doing?
im doing great
how are you
I'm doing great :-)
I see you have a question about the Razer Blade?
And if your PC games can run at max settings on 60 ps?
im thinking on buying this laptop right now but Im a little worry about the video card not being able to run my pc games on max settings
Are you planning on buying the new Razer Blade?
yeah 60 Frames per second
im thinking about it
That has the GT 660M, which is a beast in laptops.
It was tested with Battlefield 3 at max settings really well :-)
What FPS games were you thinking about playing?
crisis 3 battlefield 3 far cry 3
that's something that worries me the video card
660m these days is old
now every gaming laptop is using 680m
that's the latest on video cards fro laptops
Yes, I understand your concern.
Definitely want to get the best there is!
do you think I could change the video card on the razer blade
Even though it has the fairly "older" 660M, it still does well in comparison to the 680M.
Razer does not allow to have that customized, but you are welcome to do it after you receive the laptop.
Does that help?
The specs you see on the website is pretty much what it will come with.
another questions do you think they will come with a new razer blade any time soon
Razer hasn't released any information about that, but because we have seen 2 releases of the current Razer Blade just within this year its definitely a possibility.
It probably wouldn't be until middle or end of next year though if anything.
Does that help?
that's perfect
Also the coolest thing about the Razer Blade is the Switchblade UI
And also its portability.
It's just so light and sleek compared to normal gaming laptops don't you think?
yeah the most portable gaming laptop on the world \
its awesome but I believed razer just add the most powerfull video card on the market and they will sells even more
my only concern is the video card
Ah okay.
Yeah in order to get it shipped quickly, they don't allow for those customizations.
Personally I think the 660M performs very well. Also WAY better than the previous 550M that they had in the first Razer Blade.
thank you
No problem! Do you have any other questions I can help you with?
no nothing else
have a great day
You too :-)
I will place my order now
take care
Do you mind keeping the window open?
I until you checkout?
I can help you with anything during checkout as well.