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Razer Gaming expert product information on Razer Naga.

Spencer asked can you change the backlighting color on the blackwidow or blackwidow stealth keyboards?

Razer Naga

Razer Naga

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Steven I.
can you change the backlighting color on the blackwidow or blackwidow stealth keyboards??
Hi Spencer, how are you doing?
im great, thanks!
I see you have a question about changing the backlighting for the Blackwidow keyboards?
yeah! is that possible? or just green?
Unfortunately, the Blackwidow only has that one color for all of its backlit keys.
Are you looking for something that has multi-color?
okay, well i saw a youtube video where it was the black widow and it was blue. and it isnt a big problem, but i dont want to spent the 250$ on the ultimate. i just want tohe blue backlights to match my naga :-)
Yes, the Blackwidow use to be blue actually. The new 2013 verision is green.
Razer Naga
The new Naga is also green as well :-)
oh goodness! i need to get caught up haha!
Haha, green is the new color that Razer is going now :-)
Like the Orochi and Deathadder, all green now.
Does that help?
i wish that was how it was started! haha i like the green better!
yes that helps a lot. thanks! :-)
just trying to make up my christmas list. and the blackwidow and the stealth version still have the mechanical keys right?
Haha good luck! Let me know if I can help with anything else? I'm sure they will still sell the original one elsewhere.
Yes, thats correct.
Even stealth has the mechanical keys.
They are just silent :-)
like a ninja
well then i dont want the stealth@ i love the clicking sound of mechanical keys. haha
im weird like that
Haha me too :-)
That clackiness is pretty cool I think.
okay thanks!
No problem! Anything else I can help answer?
no, thanks! ill probably just stick with the green and get the new naga sometime soon anyways. my naga has been through a lot and its about time for a new one. haha thanks a lot for your help, see ya later! merry early Christmas!
All those good memories haha
Merry early Christmas to you too :-)
Have a good one!