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prosenjit asked Can the Razer Blade run Ubuntu or any other Linux distro?

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Jonathan P.
Can the Razer Blade run Ubuntu or any other Linux distro? Also will the switch blade interface be fully operational?
Ohh thatd Blade question is a good one!
and Hello to you as well!
I am looking to replace my macbook pro with this one
it will be my primary dev machine
Okay and you want to still use the ubuntu huh?
and i need Linux to run on it
Okay you can easily run linux on it with a few mods but the major thing will be downloading and running vmware mainly
right...i understand the VM approach..but I was thinking more on the lines of running linux exclusively and natively on the laptop
i have replaced mac os x with Ubuntu on my MBP
You probably can since it has two hard drives you'd have to switch the OS from HDD over to the SSD and make it just auto run the linux OS
sure...have you or anybody at Razer attempted to run Ubuntu as the only OS on the Blade
I haven't personally heard yet but let me ask for you here quick
sure thing
thanks Jonathan
no problem I love computer question likes these. nice and challenging!
have you checked the ubuntu forums at all?
i did...nothing informative came up
hmm... it might be that it is still a new system and that you want to not mess it up at first.
sure...i understand
by the way whats the max RAM this machine can accommodate?
is it capped at 8 GB
no it's not computer capped it's mainly the motherboard based capacity and the Z77 chipset can handle 16 Gb easy along with Windows 7 as well
cool...what about the HM65 chipseet
can that also do 16 GB
I can go to 64 GB on my rig. Let me check the 65 chipset been a while since I've seen those specs here
i have my desktop at 64 gb with the z77...but these are mobile not sure if these can handle that kind of memory
most laptops can handle the 16 GB I'm fairly certain the z77 one can not so sure on the 65 chip though.
thats ok
so is there a store out there where i can physically checkout the laptop
You know I've been wondering that for a while as well. would be nice to see this machine in person :-)
I know! I want to check it out myself and really feel the hardware
i have heard only good things about the Blade but i have had bad experience with Alienware laptops in the don't want to buy one without seeing and checking the build quality
Oh you won't believe the quality of RAZER. Alienware is made by Dell who like to but super chips in the laptops and not cool them with even worse motherboards, it's just horrible
i know...been there and suffered that
thanks a lot Jonathan
No problem
The blade is actually only 1999 right now as well
it would be great if someone at Razer tried to run Ubuntu on the Blade and posted an article on the net
I'll bring that up to them when I can for you?
yeah i saw that...a pretty good deal...
the only laptop that is better designed than the MBP...
Yeah that MBP is a monster
in my opinion that looks good...has the necessary power...and is innovative'
unfortunately the new MBPs are not easily user servicable
Yeah they have 8 parts now....
yep...all right was great chatting with you Jonathan
you have a great day now
No problem I'll shoot RAZER that ubuntu idea as well.!
thanks a lot mate
No porblem have a good one!