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vinchenzo1 asked alienware m17x or razer blade which is better

Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Razer Onza Tournament Edition

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Kevin C.
alienware m17x or razer blade which is better ?
Razer Blade
Hey Vin how are you today?
I see you have a question about comparison with the alienware m17x or blade?
For price, tech specs, durability and quality i'd go for the blade
was you looking at the 1st gen or new blade?
well i was looking at some of the specs and the net gen one is lower
lower compared to what?
the 1st gen or the alienware?
cpu on the 1st gen is 2.8 and on next is 2.2 GHz
well they can both be easily overclocked
the next gen offers a better graphic card, with faster ram, 64 cache accel
far superior chipset
um does it have a webcam ?
Don't believe so.
I'll double check for you, is that essential?
well i am in the army and i would like to be able to skype with my family and friends and the alienware does not have one (on its current gen)
and less stuff i have to carry the better as in i dont wanna lug around a webcam with me
Just double checked for you vin
It does infact have an inbuilt webcam
hmmm nice can the back lit keayboard change colour ?
Yeah there is a setting to change it :-)
the razer blade is amazingly thin and light weight aswell
while still have a 17 inch 1080p dislplay
ok i might just buy this system cus it is a elegant design how long does the battery last ?
It is a very sexy looking design and off the top of my head I think battery life was 6 hours gaming?
damn that is a lot more than the alienware (2hrs) nice and do you guys carry wireless controllers ?
Oh sorry vin It's 6 hours BROWSING and 4.5 gaming
still better than alien
And wireless controllers you? as in the for the xbox etc?
I don't think we do unfortunatkly
ok get your guys on that cus i love the look of them but i hate wires
The onza do work with pcs/laptops though
Razer Onza Tournament Edition
nice thank you you have been very helpfull
No problem vin :-)
if you need a hand during the check out process feel free to join and ask for me
be happy to help
well i am planing for the future when i get out of basic ill need one
hehe good plan, well happy gaming :-)
you too :-)