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Razer Gaming expert product information on Razer Naga Molten.

Jason asked Really like the design of the taipan however i'm looking for the blue glowing lights not green, is it offered in just blue?

Razer Naga Molten

Razer Naga Molten

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Razer Gaming Needler
Taylor S.
Really like the design of the taipan however i'm looking for the blue glowing lights not green, is it offered in just blue?
Hello Jason, how are you?
good thanks taylor how r u?
Razer Taipan
I'm great! Thanks for asking :-)
The Taipan is green.
im probably going to get the black widdow backlit
and from my understand the backlighting is blue as well
just want it to look cool you know what i mean?
The Blackwidow is also green :-)
oh did you guys switch it up?
The old versions were blue, the 2013 versions are green
ah is ee :-)
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013
are the new ones a lot beter?
Tons better!
I have both, in old and new
and the new ones blow doors on the blue ones
what do you think the max i will ever need to set my dpi on if i play a game like bad company 3
i'm using a stock dell mouse and honestly its fine
just want something that looks cool and feels good
any suggestions?
Oh lord, no. You will set your dell mouse on fire after you pick up a naga.
or a taipan
Pick up a mouse, and pad from Razer and you will be a cultist for life.
out of curiousity what are you setting your dpi on when you game?
For MMO's I set it around 3800, for League I set it at 4100, and for FPS I set it around 5900.
However I use the naga
Do you have Synapse 2.0 installed?
no i don't
let me install it now
You may want to wait to install it until you have your Razer equipment. Doesn't matter really though..
Also, have you heard of Razer Game Booster?
i'm loving the look of the 2013 deathadder
yeah my friend uses it
Razer DeathAdder 2013
The DA is a good mouse, one of Razers first products :-)
so as an occasional gamer, i like to play the newest games like assassins creed 3
battle field
black ops 2
which mouse do you think will fit my needs most
Are you looking to get something now? If so, we need to buckle down and get you 100% sure of what you want to buy. I don't want you making an uninformed impulse buy.
The Taipan or DA would work.
i'm also a college student
Personally, I am a naga fan.
I use my naga for my college as well, Game Design.
so i write a lot of essays and do a lot of research
oh wow
what school do you go to?
Full Sail University
oh wow
i'm currently at ucla
Where do you go to school?
Oh, lag ftw.
i'm not in that much of a rush to buy anything since the semester is ending next week
just want to be ready before the begining of winter
You may want to order soon, current shipping is up to 2 weeks.
I ordered another set of headphones yesterday, and I won't get them until right before xmas
oh yeah i probably will than
i don't really like the face book twitter gmail short cut keys on the new design black widdow
You can change those.
They are customizable to macro whatever you want :-)
which keyboard do you use?
Razer DeathStalker Ultimate
I upgraded to the DeathStalker from the Widow
big difference between that and the black widdow?
Huge difference
i used my friends black widdow and thats when it stole my heart
Lol, Razer tends to do that.
There is a major difference in quality between the stalker and the widow, but both are amazing
how loud are the mechincal keys on the stalker?
should be the same right?
Little quieter, nothing liek the stealth though.
it's so hard to choose lol
Lol, well you pay for what you get bro
yeah thats def true
I would order online tbh, buying from stores makes it hard on us to honor warranties.
no stores even carry anything better then the widdow
i have yet to see an ultimate
You see, retailers have permission to buy and resell our items, but we don't supply them as a 3rd party retailer you know?
yeah that makes sense
i think i'm going to buy the deathslaker
You'll love it man, trust me.
i'm still undecided on the mose
Well then lets work on that.
tbh i'm not a fan of the back and front buttons on the side
i kind of just like the left click right clcik and scroll
Yah, I understand that.
Well would you mind letting me show you a few other mice?
sure go ahead
Razer Orochi Black Chrome
I know that one has the buttons on the side, but in all honesty most gaming Mice will.
i like the taipan alot
The Taipan has the most advanced technology so far.
And is one of the cheapest!
what mouse are you using?
Razer Naga Molten
This little guy
the different colors dont bug you?
the reason i wanted to go with blue was because my psu lighting and case are all lit with blue leds
My computer lighting is Red, everything is Red except my keyboard, which I don't even care what color it is, that keyboard is like using a futuristic military command center.
My advice, get the best products, and if the color's match, it literally costs $5 to buy new LED's for your computer.
yeah i know
so you have me sold on the taipan and the deathstalker
Great! It's not my goal to sell you on any product, just help you find your way and gain knowledge on all Razer products.
I am just an advisor is all. However, I can stay with you through the checkout process in case you have any questions or run into any blips.
I'm glad you are joining the Cult :-)
my friend got me hooked onto it
i was doing my midterm on his computer
he had a crossover 27 ips 2560 X 1440 display
with the black widdow and deathadder
oh wow
Haha, yes Razer Cultists are pretty hardcore gamers :-)
i couldn't bare to look at my computer anymore
i purchased the same monitor as him just waiting for it to get here now! lol
I have been in your shoes
except my resolution is even better is by 1600
so everything i'm getting is better then his now haha
Do yourself a favor, get the Stalker and the Taipan, show your friend up, and step up your gaming to a professional level. It will literally be the best xmas ever.
Trust me lol
what kind of rig are you running
Aw man, you really want to know?
haha yeah!
I have 2 Razerblades, 2 Desktops, an Asus 7 series ( bought for my mom ), A 2013 macbook pro...
i hate apple! lol
me too, it's for school
but i will admit they're labtops are okay
overpriced though
After school, I'm going to set fire to that laptop before it breeds.
now apple is a real cult
not the good kind like razer
No, apple is pure crap, that's all.
It's a fad, thats it lol
yup just a name
who has money
Razer is a true cult, once a cultist, always a cultist.
It's one of the only companies in the world that has 95% + customer retention.
do you ever go on any of the forums?
Not really, no reason to honestly. I work 10 hours a day for Razer, why would I spend time on Razer forums lol
right now i'm running 2 gtx 670's in sli with 16 gb ddr3 1600 ram an i7 920 processor samsung 840 250 gb ssd 1tb wd caviar black
Sounds like a $2000 rig if you built it yourself, very nice :-)
yeah actually cheaper ;-)
spent 1400 got really lucky
I was give or taking there a bit.
Lol wow
No kidding!
well the reason i was asking was there is a forum i go to called overclock
Ah, I've heard of that
i learned a lot there and everyone tried to help eachother out
so you get the best computer parts prices
and they also post all the computer deals
just a great community
That's where my buddy got mine from, I actually pawned this one off on him to build. Paid him $100 to build with a $1500 budget.
I'll for sure check it out, and go there next time I need a new rig. However this entire house is loaded with computers atm, so idk if I'll need it anytime soon.
haha sounds like my house
alright taylor i'm checking out now
:-) Ok keep the chat open, I'll stay with you.
Let me know if you have any questions
sure :-p
awesome no tax!
just have to reset my paypal password
i forgot it
Lol, I hate Paypal
i'm to lazy to get my card i left it in the car haha
Haha, I know the feeling.
Too lazy to get up and grab my card from across the room, so i spend extra time jacking with Paypal. Been there, done that.
ok time to check out!
No problems so far? Great