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Pyramyd Air expert product information on Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle, 0.22 cal.

Jonathan asked what defines a pellet at a "hobby pellet" vs a regular pellet?

Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle, 0.22 cal

Browning Leverage Air Rifle air rifle, 0.22 cal

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Guy C.
what defines a pellet at a "hobby pellet" vs a regular pellet?
how are you today?
not bad, you?
great thanks.the hobby is just alight weight plinking grade pellet.
rws calls them hobby, because they are not made for formal matches basically
ah! makes so much more sense!
they sell them cheaper than the match pellets because they are not weight sorted and sized
what gun do you shoot?
Just getting started with the pc77, which i understand is also known as the 1377
so far it loves the Crsoman premier 10.5g with he RWS diablo basic coming in a close 2nd
correct, the 1377 is now the pc77
how do you like the gun?
i have a few of the older models
so far so good, been readying a lot of forums and they have some base issues across the board mainly the the grips are always a tad loose, and the front plastic sight is not the best.
the gun is far more accurate than i can shoot :-)
they usually are
i have four of the 177 and 2 of the 1322 medalists
at 6yds rested indoors with a trap i am getting ragged 1 hold groups with the pellets i mentioned
that sounds about right
why does everyone seem to want to mod the 1377 into a 1322?
because the 1322 was a great gun and they stopped making them for a while. alot of people, myself included, prefer the larger pellet
for the energy, or is it inherently more accurate
energy i guess for those who use them for pest control. but i prefer 22 even for plinking because i have xl hands and the 22 is easier for me to handle
i have thick fingers and i fumble with 177 a lot
i am planning on getting a 22 nitro rifle this spring, but wanted the .177 pistol for target practice, lower pellet cost, and availability
i just bought a beeman p17 for plinking and a hatsan 25 supercharger for a treestand pistol
do you plan on hunting with the rifle?
for what it's worth, i would save a bit more money, and go right to an rws 34 combo in's a much better gun, and usually a lot more accurate
have you checked them out yet?
you have a link, i will take a look
sure do you have a moment whil i pull it up?
its my odd day, i have plenty of time :-)
here you go. they are not in stock at the moment, but you mentioned that you wont get it til spring?
yeah, im stashing about $20 a check away so i gan get comething good this spring when i put my garden in, my neighbourhood is overrun with rabbits
why the diana vs somethig like the bengamin trail, or the gamo silent stalker
wahat am i getting for the extra $100
well, the rws is a great's a good german made gun. has a better trigger than either of those you mentioned. is more solid feeling
comes with a better scope and mount
and it will last two lifetimes opposed to a few years
i thought the spring guns had a shorter life span?
i have three model 34s. a 177 a 20 and a 22.
compare to the nitro pstons
don't believe the hype. a quality, well maintained spring gun will last longer than they would lead you to believe
my 177 34 is 17 years old and has about15-20k pellets through it and still shoots great
what about the whole, leaving it cocked too long thing
and i would think that the nitro piston would be more consistent in its pressur than a spring
the gas ram varies with temp changes just like the spring does.
maybe to a slightly lesser degree
and the whole leaving the gun cocked thing is kind of a moot point. i wouldn't leave either cocked for much longer than an hour if i was hunting
and leaving a cock and loaded gun laying around is kind of foolhardy, so that doesnt make much sense either
true, i was simply inder the impression that the sprngs wore out over time whereas the nitro piston does not due to the sealed gas
i would love o go PCP but i just cant justify the cost
let me put it in this perspective for you..... when you change the struts on your car.... what do they do? they pull the gas strut out of the coil spring and replace the strut, and put the same spring back in!
so, you tell me which is better? you can get a spring with a flaw...yes. but gas rams are by no means permanent
thats why the bettergas rams by theoben are serviceable and refillable
ok, so my only good PERMANENT option is really a PCP so i should be looking for a decent spring gun to get my by till then
for a couple years
it is ultimately up to you, but dont be folled into thinking that buying a cheaply made gas ram is better than a quality spring gun.
also, should the spring ever fail, a new spring from a great us maker is like 20 bucks
didnt know they could be replaced that easily
what would you recommend in the $150 to $200 range then so i can afford to put a decent piece of glass on it?
looking at the leepers 3-12x40 5th gen mil dot adjustable objective
you can get the rws34 for 219 with out the scope, then add your own glass
what is the t06 trigger?
i usually just dont recommend a lower grade of gun than that. however the hatsan 95 is a decent gun also. probably better than the gamo or benjamin
just and upgraded metal bladed adjustable trigger
the hatsan also has a decent trigger and a nice turkish walnut stock. and really good power
how do the hatsan and the diana stack up side by side
never mind, the velocity on the hastan in terrible at 650fps
if you buy the gamo or benjamin, plan on getting an aftermarket trigger. the stock one is really crummy on both
i had heard the new gamo triggers were better, and i expected the trigger on the b
the hatsan in 22 is 800, not 650. the 25 cal is 650
ur right, the calibers are out of order on that page
and hatsan is the only company that rates their guns with a real lead pellet. the others use the lightest alloy pellet they can get to rate their guns
how does the hatsan compare to the diana
the rws is a slightly nicer finished gun. it's a bit more refined
and more smooth out of the box.
another good gun to look at is the browning leverage, it has good power for hunting. very accurate and it, like the rws combo. really does not need the scope upgraded. it's good as it comes from the factory
just watched the review on the leverage like hte fixed barrel:-) the break barrel had me worried about consistancy
from airgunweb on youtube :-)
my boss just went through the leverage and he says it's a winner
yes, rick at airgunweb says it's a sure bet as well
im still leaning towrds the diana... how is the accuracy on it?
all three of mine are tackdrivers. i can cover my groups at 20 yards with a dime usually
well it looks like i have 3 good options to do some more research on:-)
thanks a ton and have a great day, i have some homework to do:-)
you are most welcome. you too, and enjoy your new pistol!
have a good one!
you too!