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Pyramyd Air expert product information on Crosman 2240 air pistol, 0.22 cal.

PH asked What's the difference between a pellet and a bb?

Crosman 2240 air pistol, 0.22 cal

Crosman 2240 air pistol, 0.22 cal

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Michael M.
What's the difference between a pellet and a bb? I am looking at the Walther CP99 Compact for my son and want to make sure that I have the appropriate accessories.
A pellet is cylindrical in shape and a bb is round.
Pellets are used for hunting an targe shooting. BB's are mostly used for target shooting an d plinking.
So, I see these 8 rd pellet magazines (3 8 round) and these walther CP99 compact magazines.
Ah. What is plinking?
Plinking is like shooting randomly at cans and different targets.
Ok. It looks like bb's are cheaper. Am I right that pellets are more dangerous?
Yes They Are. But a bb has put put many of a persons eye out.
Got it. With the Walther CP99 Compact, I would need to get co2 cartridges and either a pellet magazine with pellets or a bb magazine with bb's. Anything else to make them work?
No. The 99 is a bb pistol only.
Ah, so bb's only. Ok. Do I need anything else beside the magazine and bb's and co2 cartridges on Christmas morning?
That is it. I do not see any extra magazines listed for the CP99 in the accessory link.
As long as you have Co2 cartridges and BB's, you will be good to go.
Do you mean I don't need to buy extra magazines? The accessories link shows "Walter CP99 Compact magazines"
I do not see any extra mags that will fit as of yet. Let me look further.
I see what you are saying. Let me check something out. These are not listed for the CP99 that you need.
This is the magazine that you need.
I see them - do I need to order them or would they be extra?
You would have to purchase them as extras. The ones in the window are for revolvers.
Right, but my question is. If I only order the gun and the bb's and the co2 cartridges, do I have enough to play on Christmas? Or do I need to order the magazines? In other words, does the gun come with one magazine or do I have to buy it?
You have enough to play on Christmas. The gun has a magazine.
Great! A different question: what if I want to get a pellet gun. Can you recommend a less expensive one?
Give me a budget and I can definitley find you one. Will it be for hunting? Will it be for target shooting? At what distance will you be using the rifle?
I'd like a pistol for target shooting. Does one exist for under $100?
Oh yes.
Crosman 2240 air pistol, 0.22 cal
I like the look of the walther cp99
It is a good target pistol.
Would you like a single shot pellet pistol? Or would you like a mutli shot Co2 pellet pistol?
multi shot
How loud are bb guns? How loud are pellet guns?
BB guns are not that loud. Depending on the pellet gun, they can be real lolud.
This is one of our most popular pellet pistols for under 100.00
Do people take pellet guns to target ranges?
They Sure Do. Do you have a range that you would like to use?
I like the gamo Pt-85
Do I need any licences or back ground checks?
No. At least I do not need any in VA. I have never heard of any restrictions in Texas.
The PT 85 is a good pistol.
When were you thinking about makin a purchase?
So, if I were to get the PT 85, I would get co2 cartridge and pellets. Anything else?
That would be it. I would get the ten for ten test.
Thanks for your help!
I know that you want to make a purchase before Christmas. Would you like to make that purchase today? Or do you need some time to think on it?
Are you still there? Do you want to discuss a pellet rifle next?
Do you have any idea how loud the PT 85 is?
I do not have a decibel reading on the PT 85.
It is rated a 4 in loudness. Which is medium loudness.
is loudness a concern where you shoot at? Do you have close neighbors?
Yes, we have close neighbors. I am tryng to look up our local ordinances to see if there is anything against shooting in the locality
What does "blowback" mean?
Okay. That is a good idea.
What does "blowback" mean?
When you fire the gun the top slide moves backwards when you fire each shot. It adds to the realism