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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, HI Alex?

HI Alex?
Alex G.
Hi :-)
How are you doing tonight?
Well and you?
Alex G.
Great! Thanks for asking :-)
Very interesting set up they have going on here, to get gamer advice haha
Alex G.
Haha, it's pretty great!
I enjoy talking with everyone on here :-)
seems like a sweet gig
Alex G.
Definitely! So what brings you to NewEgg tonight?
I play MMORPGs (mainly ffxiv) more than casually, but not hardcore. I have been considering a mechanical keyboard, with a b acklight. my biggest issue is that i lose where my keys are, so i have super glued little gems to my m, w 1,3,5 and 7. any ideas for a beginner mech. keyboard?
Alex G.
Okay haha
Let's see
What kind of budget did you have in mind?
under $110 ish
Alex G.
Okay, let's see if Corsair has anything in that range.
dont wanna dive into a $200 jeyboar d yet
Alex G.
What color back lighting do you want?
anything but blue, blue really hurts my eyes
Alex G.
What do you think of this?
that looks nice, i was readinmg about different kind of switches, does it matter or is that an advanced prefernce?
Alex G.
They all feel different
It's personal preference.
I personally like Brown switches for a tactile feel.
Blues and Reds are also very common for gamers.
are anything of them harder to press? I can panic sometimes and i dont want to spam because i think i might not have pressed hard enough
Alex G.
Yes, the Red switches are the lightest out of all of them.
If you want something harder I'd go with Brown.
so blue would be inbetween?
Alex G.
Blue is about the same
ok, cool.
Alex G.
but it sounds like a mouse click every time you actuate the key.
I love that noise <3
Alex G.
then the blues will be perfect for you
Some people don't like it because it can be loud. Other people LOVE it haha.
yeaaa i like that noise. and forgive me for not reading the detils, but why does it have two usb cables? very hungry?
im on a gaming laptop, not many usb ports haha, but i was going to get a hub anywho
Alex G.
It has USB ports on the keyboard
you plug both cables into your computer
then you can plug a headset or mouse into the keyboard
oh aewsome. Ok, i'm sold, ill get it next paycheck
Alex G.
Awesome :-)
Glad I could help verify!
Yes i seriously appreciate it, i was very lost XD you have a fantastic night, Alex
Alex G.
You too! It was great speaking with you :-)
same :3
Alex G.
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