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Q. visitor asked, Should I buy a 4k monitor or the Acer Predator X34?

Nathan R.
good afternoon and welcome to Newegg! can I help you find a monitor?
Should I buy a 4k monitor or the Acer Predator X34?
Nathan R.
It really comes down to what your needs are and whether or not you have the hardware to power it
I'm going to do a system overhaul soon and I like the X34 because of how big it is, but my friend says just go with a 4k because ill like it more, does 1440p look decent enough for the 1,300 price tag
Ill have a EVGA 980ti
Nathan R.
1440p looks awesome. I'm running a 27" 1440p monitor right now...but if you're going to spend $1300, a 4k monitor is a great step up
to reliably game at 4k, though, you're going to want 980tis in SLI
Ahh, thank you for the advice! one last question, I know Asus motherboards often come with the tool that goes in a drive bay to tell you what your temps and OC's are, can i buy one separately?
Nathan R.
let me check on that for you real quickly
one moment
Thank you!
Nathan R.
you got it...I haven't found the tool listed separately
ahh, thank you for your time!
Nathan R.
you're welcome!
Nathan R.
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