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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, ok, im just looking through the components i need for a PC im building

Mike S.
Hi, Im Mike, how can I help you find the right ram tonight?
ok, im just looking through the components i need for a PC im building
Gaming PC
Mike S.
Cool, what are you looking to build?
I already bought the Graphics card and i just need help with teh motherboard and RAM man
Mike S.
What GPU did you get?
MSI r9 380 4G
Mike S.
ok, do you have a processor in mind?
a lot of people are telling me intel, but they are wayyy too expensive
AMD seems cheaper
so what you recomend for the GPU i have
Mike S.
They are, what parts do you have already?
just started man, i was just gonna upgrade the one i have right now, but my old PC is way to slow for it, so i decided to build a new one instead, just the GPU
Mike S.
.Have you built a system from screatch before?
lol first time
Mike S.
Are you on a budget?
nothing too expensive, but i can go a bit higher than most people, i would say, not including the GPU 500-650
and not including the case
Mike S.
I am a big fan of buying a refurbed business machine and turning it into a gaming rig, would you be interested in that?
ive never heard of it, can you tell me more about it
Mike S.
let me show you some options in your price range. do you mind giveing me a few minutes to research?
go ahead
Mike S.
Is this within you price range, it is a great deal.
Mike S.
Highly upgradable.
i mean
i see it has i7
i dont know, can you explain how i would do this
Mike S.
Basically, buy this machine and drop a sweet gpu in it and you have a great gaming machine.
really? thats it?
i mean, what about the cooling on it
it seems to be looking to die from heat
Mike S.
modern vid cards are very cool.
if that is a problem add a 80mm fan to the rear.
have you done this before?
Mike S.
Yea, I have 5 machines running, only my main rig is from scratch, all the others are refurbed business machines with better GPU and PSU
how do they do on modern gaming?
like new games
Mike S.
sure, that is a great machine, and the bigger part of first gen games is the GPU
I promise you, this machine will smoke all new games with a GTX 970
alright man, you bought me on this, if this really work id owe you one
would there be anything i need to do to it
anything else you recomend
Mike S.
down the line, add a SSD hard drive for your OS, but other than that, this is optimal.
alright man, i apreciate it, ill definetly try it out, worst case scenerio ill lie and say its defected and get my money back thanks again
Mike S.
HAHA, newegg is the BEST at returns!
Are you buying tonight?
No i cant, i have to wait for my next check
christmas present for myself lol
Mike S.
Be sure to add it to a wish list to watch for price drops
oh cool, yeah man im new to this so i got lots to learn, thanks again man
Mike S.
No problem!
ould you mind closing this window and taking a short survey on our performance?
yeah sure
Mike S.
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