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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, looking for a gaming pc vs parts to build a caming rig

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you? What questions do you have for me?
looking for a gaming pc vs parts to build a caming rig
gaming even
Marius W.
Yeah.. you don't really save all that much with building nowadays
I see that. I am 1800+ and still need a PSU and fans and dvd drive
Marius W.
Those are the easy ones. What GPU did you end up deciding on?
the 980
That is what cost the most like 649.00
Marius W.
You can save a bit and go with the 970 as it isn't all that much different than the 980 other than in price
I was thinking that. But honestly I don't know a lot about that stuff. I know a little
Marius W.
Side by side comparison there is little difference between the two
Just in price lol
Marius W.
Need fast gpu,ram ddr4 if I could
fast cpu
Marius W.
Have you looked at the new gen of Intel? The Skylake?
i5 or i7
Yeah but like I said they have like several I7
Marius W.
Any of the 6th gens are great
6700 is a great way to go
I just don't know the difference
and higher price does not mean better
I thought I could get everything I want for around 1500 or so
Marius W.
Right.. but any of the 6th gens are great
But when I pick something it suggest something and it's normally higher in price
Marius W.
The new generation of intels are incredible and you really don't sacrifice by going with an i5 as opposed to any i7
I mostly play wow anyway so.. but like the idea i can play other high end games if i want
So would be better to just buy a rig ?
Is it hard to find a rig? With fast cpu,and ram and video ?
Marius W.
Easier to just buy a built one. Really don't save much or sacrifice anything and don't need to deal with putting it all together
Yeah i can do some stuff but never built one
Marius W.
I can show you a couple of desktops that will work for what you want
That would be great
I use to be an amd person but i heard intel has gotten better
Marius W.
Yeah. Intel is definitely the way to go now
That one is amazing and a power house but a bit more
of course the one i was going to build was a lot but i picked upper end stuff like solid state drive the 980 card memory
Marius W.
Yeah and this one has all of that for less
Had a hybrid drive.. SSD and HDD. One of the better new Intels and a graphics card that can handle any game
More than enough RAM
Yeah 120 gb ssd drive and 1 TB HD Plus I have a 3TB external HD if need be
the 2nd is about 200 more
still not to bad though
Marius W.
just wasn't sure of ibuypower
I heard of them but never did research on them
Marius W.
Yeah.. they aren't bad. A newer company but really active in the gaming community.
They sponsor a lot of pro gamers.
Pretty good stuff too
Yeah looks like it, Well I now have some insight vs buying parts vs buying premade
Marius W.
Yeah. You kinda get more with buying a built PC
With gaming getting as popular as it is now.. lots of companies popped up and some great stuff out there
yeah guess I'll take the info i got here and do some more looking
Marius W.
Definitely good to do research
good info and tips btw
Marius W.
Glad to help :-)
Have a great night. Good talking to you :-)
Same to you as well.
Marius W.
Marius W.
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