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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I'm looking to build a computer and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

Beau L.
Hi and Welcome to Newegg! My name is Beau. How Can I help you?
I'm looking to build a computer and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.
Beau L.
Sure thing.
What would you like to know?
The motherboard I'm looking at is GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
And I'm trying to find compatible, reasonably priced RAM.
16 GBs of it, 4x4.
Beau L.
Sounds great!
Let me see what we have.
What clock speeds are you thinking?
Or ram speeds?
I'm new here, I'm not sure what the difference is.
Beau L.
Have you seen the vengeance series by corsair?
Very nice ram.
That was the brand I was looking to get.
I was looking at that for my Mac. The poor thing hardly runs Minecraft.
My mom was looking into buying herself a Macbook, and she seems on board to the idea of taking mine in place of buying me parts to build a desktop. Much more efficient, and cheaper.
Beau L.
Yes it is.
I totally agree!
I found a website on how to build a computer, which I occasionally use for reference, but it doesn't compare to live help.
I bought an XBox to compensate for my non-gaming computer, and the games I really want to play on it are GTA V (and the games to come, I like to believe they will), Fallout 4 and the other heavy duty games that require a golden processor and graphics card.
Beau L.
I cant get enough of the vengeance. Its nice!
fallout 4 and gta v.
All need more ram.
Open world games.
I read that the required RAM for those games is 8GB, and the motherboard supports up to 32GB.
Beau L.
I hear you.
I spend about 180.00 on my 32gb corsair kit.
However, my wallet doesn't support more than $100 for RAM.
Beau L.
I just wanted more ram though.
But you can get awesome ram for under 100. easy.
32GBs worth of ram?
I'm trying to stay on Newegg regardless of price because I'd rather not jump back and forth between companies just for the sake of keeping everything organized. The thing about building a computer is, if you mess it up, you've no one to blame but yourself, and you need to determine if you installed it wrong, manufacturing defect, etc.
Beau L.
Nice kit for the price.
I agree.
$160 actually isn't too bad for 32GBs though. I might be able to stretch that, in reference to your previous link
Beau L.
Yeah. :-) You never have to upgrade again.
I thought it was worth it. :-)
But, I don't want to get more RAM than I actually need
Beau L.
32 is overkill.
Its good if you want to render out high quality videos of your gameplay though.
For youtube and all that.
I'm not much of a Youtuber. Most girls get shunned for being "fake gamer girls" and I just don't have time for that.
But I do like recording for the sake of showing my friends stupid stuff that I do in GTA and such.
Beau L.
I totally understand. I wish there were more gta videos. funny stuff. :-)
Just seeing how everyone does something different is cool.
Yeah, I once scared a lady in the train station and she was running in front of the train, and the train hit her. I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a GTA clip.
Beau L.
lol! hahaha!
Intel Core i7-4790 Haswell Quad-Core 3.6 GHz LGA 1150 84W BX80646I74790 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4600
This was the processor I was looking at .
Again, I'm pretty sold on the motherboard, so that's what I'm revolving around at the moment.
Beau L.
There is a 4790 for the same price.
The clock speeds are a bit higher.
Did you see this one?
I didn't.
I'm trying not to cheap out on this, is $300 an average price for a processor?
Beau L.
Yes it is.
You can even get the latest intel cpu..
skylake for around that price.
Link me?
Beau L.
Just one sec.
Skylake is awesomeness!
Mmm, this seems a little out of my price range
And the one that's closer to my price range is out of stock
Then again, I won't be buying until I'm absolutely sure that everything is perfect
Beau L.
I totally hear you.
Even the cpu for 129.99 is great!
I'm trying for an i7.
Beau L.
I7 can get a little pricey.
Let me see.
There might be some deal going on.
That 4790 cpu is actually the best.
I cant find anything as good as that for the price.
Nice deal!
Alright, that's fine then.
Beau L.
Yes :-)
Very great.
Next runner up is hard drive. Definitely prefer SSD.
Beau L.
I have this 128gb ssd here for around 50 dollars.
Pretty nice deal.
I'll probably be buying that myself soon.
I've never understood the real difference between SSD and HDD.
I have a 500GB HDD right now, and GTA takes 65 GBs to install. That's half of the SSD right there.
Beau L.
The ssd will just help you load larger levels.
Like in gta v.
They will load faster but they dont really help speed up your game. :-)
So a 1TB SSD would be very very expensive?
Beau L.
Yes it would.
How many hard drive slots are there in the motherboard I linked? I have no idea how to find out.
Beau L.
You can connect 8 hard drives :-)
Love gigabyte btw! That board looks sweeet!
It's also in my price range aha. I was trying to find a full rather than mini or micro.
Beau L.
I agree.
I've had luck with most boards.
Maybe asrock not so much.
This is my first attempt at building a computer. I was looking at prebuilt ones, but they were soooo expensive for such crappy specifications.
But next, I'll need a graphics card.
One that will run the open world games and more
Beau L.
I wouldn't go lower than a gtx 750ti.
That card would do very well.
Higher is recommended though.
Could you link me to a higher end one? The graphics card I'm willing to splurge on. As long as it's compatible with the motherboard.
Beau L.
I would look at these.
I've tested them and they can max every game out there.
Crazy performance.
Gtx 970.
And not over the top pricey either.
Mmm, which do you recommend? I'm trying not to go over $200 on a graphics card, and over $1000-1200 on the overall project.
Beau L.
The next best thing is a gtx 960.
I bet you could find one for under 200 dollars.
Let me see.
Much better and will still run everything great.
What's the difference between 2GB and 4GB in the graphics card?
Beau L.
4gb again will help you with more open world games.
How big of a difference is there? would you recommend this?
Beau L.
That is great.
Plus the clock speed is 1304.
Very fast gpu.
And I also say that because I have an evga.
They are so quiet.
You barely notice the fans.
Well, I'm so used to noisy fans I don't think I'd really notice.
Next would be the optical drive, does the optical drive depend on the case?
The case is also on the list, I wouldn't begin to know where to look.
Beau L.
There are some very cheap optical drives here.
I think there are some for around 10 dollars.
Does quality matter for those?
Beau L.
Most of these would work with your computer.
Standard size.
Most dvd drives are sort of the same. It really depends on whether you want or need bluray. I download most of my movies from itunes ect.. So I never use an optical drive. But they are good to have. :-)
I'd rather have one and not need it rather than need it and not have it.
Beau L.
Very nice point.
Cable management is next
I had an IT friend who built his computer, and he decided to sleeve his cables. He told me it was the worst experience because it was so time consuming. I feel like it's something I'd like to do, but I don't know if I'd want to do that much for pretty cables.
Beau L.
I've done that so many times.. I just think it looks bad when you can see where they are tied. I usually just get solid black to match the cables and then vut them when I'm all done. And face the end that you cut in the opposite direction and you cant see it at all. :-)
Eh, I don't think it's very high priority. I also need a power source.
Beau L.
I have a power supply that I bought a while ago.
It really cheap but it runs perfect.
I'm just barely at $880 right now.
Beau L.
And its by a good brand too.
Best one for that price.
For sure.
Okay, I added it. Back to hard drives.
I'd rather have more space than faster space.
Beau L.
I totally hear you on that one :0
I would recommend anything but western digital.
What's wrong with Western Digital?
Beau L.
I've noticed recently that some of them have been problematic.
They haven't always been like that.
I have about 20 tb worth of hardrives here and the one that dies the most is that brand. :-)
And they are all newer.
Losing files is not the most fun.
Is there a maximum hard drive capacity for the motherboard?
Beau L.
Not at all actually.
You can have all the tb's in the world. Its nice!
Would you recommend seagage?
seagate*? I could get a SSD for gaming and a HDD for regular use, would that be possible?
Beau L.
Seagate is perfect.
Can I mix HDD and SDD?
Beau L.
Yes you can.
That is what I have.
And what form do I need for the motherboard I picked?
I see where it says there's 8 SATA slots but it doesn't say how big they need to be.
Beau L.
There is no particular size.
Unless you are talking about a pcie ssd.
I wouldn't know the difference.
But there are 2.5" and 3" and I doubt they're cross compatible.
Beau L.
As long as they are sata connections it will be ok. 2.5 is standard though.
Extra cooling. Would that be fans?
Beau L.
You can always add more fans and there are some cheaper ones here.
How many fans do I need? And how would I be if I didn't have them?
Beau L.
It would be fine if the case had a few of the basic fans.
Cooler is better though.
Is any fan fine or do they need to be compatible?
Beau L.
120mm is fine.
Let me see.
Beau L.
These would work and its a super good deal.
Especially since you get 4.
And they are 120.
Okay. We're near the end of the list. Next I need a case.
Beau L.
A case is all about the style you like.
Some like flashy and others like very simple.
I prefer flashy. I'd like one with a transparent side.
Beau L.
That sounds fun. :-)
Lots of fans and black and white.
Nice for the price.
Here is a cyber monday deal.
What are the expansion bays?
Beau L.
For your hard drives and ssd's.
Are those related to the motherboard supported hard drives?
Beau L.
The sata connections.
There are just more options for your drives.
Okay. The first case you linked is perfect because it has both 3.5" and 2.5" bays, and I have one of each.
Beau L.
It is a great one.
Does it have an optical drive compatability?
Also, my motherboard is 9" wide and the case is 8" wide.
Would that be a problem?
Beau L.
I recommend looking at nzxt.
They have great cases.
I noticed that.
The board is a little bigger.
Is 9.6" just too big?
I'd rather not go back and change my motherboard after all this progress.
Beau L.
I totally understand. Most of the dimensions will still work.
Beau L.
Can I check something on the board.
Do you have that link handy by chance.
Beau L.
Beau L.
Thank you!
I have all of the links in a Word Document so I don't lose them.
Beau L.
On the cases the width is how slim or bulky the case is.
Its confusing sorta.
Because when you turn the board it will be sitting inside the case.
Just one sec.
Looks like a bigger case is the way to go.
That's the problem, the biggest I've seen is 9.25". I need 9.6.
Scratch that.
It's a little pricey, but it's the only one I can find that is that big.
Beau L.
That is an awesome case.
A little pricey though.
I would like a LED colored one though.
This one is also 9.8
But it doesn't have 2.5" Bays.
Then again, I can always just switch to 3.5" inch bays.
Beau L.
Yes you can.
Also nice.
And if you just want to switch them out that would be the easiest.
Are the bigger ones typically more expensive?
Beau L.
Yes they are. This one is also really nice. Still more expensive.
It says that it has two 2.5" bays behind MB. What does that mean?
Beau L.
I guess you can open up the other side of the case and store more hard drives.
Would you recommend DIY PC?
Beau L.
Yes. They have some great cases.
Beau L.
Very cool!
Alright, I'll keep looking at those. But next is assembly tools and grounding. There has to be electrical hazards with assembling this thing.
Beau L.
I never had any issues like that. :-)
So I don't need any tools? I can just slip everything into place and power up?
Beau L.
I would get a skre driver.
Some simple computer tools.
Nothing to intense though.
It'll be fairly straight forward.
What kind of simple computer tools?
Also, how would I install my OS? What will boot up when I first power on my system?
Beau L.
Just a computer tool kit.
And it should read your optical drive first.
Then you can install windows.
I think that's all I needed. Thank you for being patient with me.
Beau L.
You are very welcome!
Its been awesome going through the build with you.
I hope you enjoy it!
I will :-) Have a nice day.
Beau L.
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