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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I'm actually looking to upgrade my RAM before I upgrade to a 3 monitor setup (the RAM is more for my programs I use for work of course).

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in a new gaming PC?
I'm actually looking to upgrade my RAM before I upgrade to a 3 monitor setup (the RAM is more for my programs I use for work of course).
Jesse A.
What kind of motherboard do you have?
I know I need to use DDR2 RAM. I have a Black Series ECS motherboard, AMD Quad Core Processor (built it about 8 years ago...) running 64 Bit Windows 7.
I don't know what video card I have offhand (though I don't think it is relevant to RAM...)
I know that I need 240 pin, and I think I need to use DDR2 800 (PCS 6400)? Would any kind work or are there factors I'm not taking into account?
Jesse A.
What sort of things do you use your PC for?
How old is this machine?
I use it for AutoCAD and Photoshop/ Lightroom, and the occasional game.
I built it 8 years ago with parts from here. I'm fairly certain the motherboard is discontinued and I don't remember its specific model number off hand.
Jesse A.
Oh wow
It's similar to that one.
Yeah, it's old as dirt. Ha ha.
Jesse A.
I recommend building a new machine
Ha ha. I would if the money was available. Ha ha.
Jesse A.
The performance you can get out of modern components in those programs is crazy
Yeah, but I don't have the funds for a new motherboard, new RAM, and a new copy of Windows. :/
Jesse A.
I gotcha
But yeah, a new system would be ideal (and is on the books for in the future). Oh if money weren't an object Ha ha.
Jesse A.
I'm surprised to hear you can run those programs on that type of rig at this point.
I can max out my 16GB of RAM with just Photoshop
It runs Photoshop CC, AutoCAD 2012 (and 2016 if I wanted to put it on there) and plays Skyrim. That is where the Videocard comes into play.
Have yet to max my RAM yet. How are you maxing it out with 16GB?
Jesse A.
digital painting
I do photo editing mostly and then the occasional drawing with my digitizer.
Must be a hell of a big painting file. I'm impressed. :-)
Jesse A.
The instructions pile up for sure.
I'm sure.
Would RAM being ECC registered play any part in it working with my motherboard/ processor?
Jesse A.
What do you mean by ECC registered?
I'll send you a link to the RAM. It's from Amazon (I know, shameful).
In the product description it says ECC registered. Further down it says that it would work with other motherboards and all though.
I'm not just trying to ask about that RAM as I could have just Googled about it. I have 2 open from Newegg. I just came across that and it threw me. Sorry if I offended you.
Jesse A.
Thats just technical jargon basically.
In other words, has no bearing. Okay.
Now a comparison if you don't mind (since I don't know the brand I sent before and am always leary of that kind of stuff).
Jesse A.
Corsair's stuff is amazing. Thats what I have in my rig
Other than price, I can see no difference.
What I currently have was just on sale when I built my machine forever ago so I can't even tell you who it is. Ha ha.
Jesse A.
Probably a defunct company
No doubt. But it has lasted this long so I can't complain.
You recommend Corsair then>
Jesse A.
For sure. You can't go wrong with them :-)
When you build your new PC, look for Corsair components.
Ok. Thank you very much. I appreciate the help.
ECC Registered is for Workstation and Server boards (had to know what the techno jargon actually meant). Ha ha.
Jesse A.
Oh ok
I certainly will. I have a wish list building already. Ha ha.
Have a good day.
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Thanks, you too!
Jesse A.
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