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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, i was an amd guy and am moving to intell, but i know not the platform used mainly for gaming. word. welp ill tell ya what, im basicaly building a another system that will run Arma2 on ultra settings. not too worried about the budget. does it now. so juicy. lol. how about a good cpu to match with that. what platform is used mainly for gaming?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in some new PC parts?
for sure CPU and mobo
i was an amd guy and am moving to intell, but i know not the platform used mainly for gaming
Jesse A.
I can do that! :-)
Jesse A.
Do you have a budget in mind for your combo? There are a ton of CPU/Mobo combos on Newegg
welp ill tell ya what, im basicaly building a another system that will run Arma2 on ultra settings
not too worried about the budget
Jesse A.
Oh ok. I think I know a mobo you might like
It matches the ARMA series very well
does it now
so juicy
Jesse A.
Oh ya :-)
I have the mATX version of that board and really like it.
how about a good cpu to match with that
what platform is used mainly for gaming?
Jesse A.
You can choose from a variety of CPUs for that mobo
yes but
theres different cores, like haswell etc
Jesse A.
Oh! This is a Haswell series board
so best paired with a haswell based cpu
Jesse A.
Yes. It's dependent on the CPU socket.
In this case, its LGA 1150
ok, so i was thinking the i5, since, i was readin around on toms hardware that for your buck they're the way to go as far as preformance V price
ok cool
Jesse A.
That CPU will do some work for you. Most of my games are maxed out with that and a 970
GTAV just needs a few minor settings turned down from Ultra and it gets 60fps
Have you ever tried arma? It seems no matter what i do the game just kicks my systems behind.
Jesse A.
ARMA is very CPU intensive.
so i hear
i have the FX8350 atm
but still
its not enough
Jesse A.
This i5 will perform much better.
AMD CPUs are weird
uses almost twice the watts as the cpu u linked
Jesse A.
I'm gonna check something...
Jesse A.
oh yea it does
well, thanks for your time
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Do you plan to order these components tonight? CPUs have been selling like crazy.
probably, havent made up my mind yet
Jesse A.
This CPU is a bit better:
and 20 bucks cheaper lol
Jesse A.
Even better!
Would you like to see another motherboard or two to check out?
sure why not
im guessing the Z97 is the newest chipset too?
Jesse A.
That refers to the motherboards chipset, which is different from the CPUs chipset
Jesse A.
The Z97 is newer though, yes.
Z170 is the top of the line
ahh i see
Jesse A.
Ya, I think they are only for Skylake mobos
Let me see if I can find any combos
Jesse A.
Looks like they are sold out
i5-6600 is still in stock!
No overclocking on that chip, but are you into that kind of thing?
not really
Jesse A.
havent tried simply because if i did and it fried id be pissed
Jesse A.
haha no worries! It's not a requirement. Things are really fast these days
now what makes this cpu great, its about .2ghz slower than the others u showed me.
Jesse A.
The clockspeed is kind of a generalization, because the system will rarely ever be at max
Even while gaming, typically a game uses 50-80% of a single CPU core.
while the others just idle?
Jesse A.
Pretty much
Handling the other background PC tasks
DirectX 12 is making more use of multiple cores
ok so campared to the 4690k whats better about this cpu?
Jesse A.
I'll get you a link
Skylake opens up a few things, for instance DDR4 memory.
well, so since gaming uses only one core, and im not using integrated graphics, the i5-4690 seems to be a better fit
from what i can tell
Jesse A.
That will definitely do the job :-)
And fit right into that beautiful Sabertooth mobo too
i think you're right
Jesse A.
Oh ya. Those mobos with dust covers and back plates are the coolest for sure
Plus the Sabertooth has (1 or 2) dedicated fans to cooling just the mobo
they cant be dust prof, so how easy are they to clean?
Jesse A.
This one is pretty close to dust proof. I've never actually taken my rig apart to see what the dust buildup under the armor is like.
Plus its future proof with USB 3.1 :-)
how about ram, it doesnt state what voltage compatability
Jesse A.
RAM is pretty standard when it comes to voltage.
The important thing to check with RAM is the Mhz
well for instance i have the 990fxa mobo and the manual tells me to use 1.5v ram
so you're saying if i put a different voltage ram, it would make no diferance?
Jesse A.
I could put together a whole system build for you if you like :-)
RAM and all!
Pretty much. It's all 1.5V I believe
I've never seen anything really deviate from that, but its always denoted
well, then budget comes into play, i basically want to use everything i got cept a new mobo and cpu
Jesse A.
I can fit it all in to your budget
im sure you could lol
but im really only looking for a board and cpu
Jesse A.
I gotcha
and the sabertooth+15-4690k looks pretty good to me
Jesse A.
Me too. I'm kinda jelly
before i get on it, are there any promotions happening atm?
Jesse A.
Let me double check for you.
Jesse A.
I don't think either of these products are involved.
Actually, the Sabertooth is $60 off right now :-) (23%)
yup i see that, thats always good
Jesse A.
For sure!
alright well, its happening, checking out
wait i need a cooler
Jesse A.
Awesome! I'm happy to hear it! You're in for some amazing hardware :-)
Yes you do!
I recommend a radiator
stock coolers are pewpy
using a phanteks atm
things a beast
Jesse A.
What do you think of this?
lol where would i mount the radiator?
Jesse A.
It mounts where a typical case fan mounts
ahh kk
do they use any special non conductive liquid?
Jesse A.
The liquid they use is not actually water, so you don't need to worry about static buildup or anything like that
right on
so the actual heatsink has the pump in it?
Jesse A.
It's in that fan structure
the cabel comes off the heatsick tho
Jesse A.
Yes, there is an input and an ouput for the liquid to both parts
ahh right on
well then that covers what i need
Jesse A.
Awesome! :-)
or want i should say
Jesse A.
haha, nah, you need it
Jesse A.
It's not going to become a computer without those parts, now is it?
oh it will, i have the rest
Jesse A.
Oh thats awesome. So it will be a computer in like a week!
a card will come later down the line
HD 7970 will have to do for now
Jesse A.
For now... You'll be able to handle any GPU you want with the components you have here :-)
are you still with me?
yea was just checking out
Jesse A.
So I see!
Done and done
Jesse A.
Can I do anything else for you tonight?
yea ask your boss for a raise
Jesse A.
haha! There is a post-chat survey for that :-)
right on
Jesse A.
Enjoy your new PC!
thanks much
wheres this survey
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Just click the X in the chat box.
Thank you!
alright man take it easy
Jesse A.
You too! Have fun!
Jesse A.
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