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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, i just picked up a 5930k on the cheap so im looking for some ddr4 sticks

Richard L.
Hey there, what awesome gaming gear are you planning on getting from Newegg today?
i just picked up a 5930k on the cheap so im looking for some ddr4 sticks
Hello btw
Richard L.
how much ram are you trying to get?
i was really just wondering if 16+ gbs was worth it for a mainly gaming rig with potentially some streaming in the future
Richard L.
is definitely more than enough
awesome so i wont spend $300 on memory
for 64gbs
Richard L.
definitely not
16 is more than enough
no current game needs more than 8 gb
any thoughts on the different x99 asus boards
Richard L.
ill show you a recommended one:-)
i really dont want to spend the extra cash on the pro or deluxe and the 4th pcie isnt gonna kill me
Richard L.
thats very true
the MSI sli plus or w/e it is was looking pretty good but every 3rd review was DOA or pci slots falling off lol
Richard L.
asus all the way bro
im just worried the x99-a asus board will overclock less than the pro or above
Richard L.
do you have the link to the boards?
maybe i can take a look?
yea 1 sec
Richard L.
Richard L.
thats one
Richard L.
thats two :-)
3 :-)
reading about all the shared lane bandwidth leads to some head scratching but it seems similar
Richard L.
you can tell a bit about overclockability of a board
by the max speed of the ram that it can do
i think the white shielding is pretty but im a poor man with big dreams
Richard L.
the asus x99-a is probably for me
ill spend the extra money on some flashy sli bands with the difference
Richard L.
this one
actually over clocks better than the deluxe
and just as well as the pro
i just want my 180$ 5930k to scream performance
Richard L.
it will on all 3 of those boards :-)
intel retail edge has the hookup!!! idk if you qualify the employee thing tho
check it out
Richard L.
i will see
4790k $100 bucks
its wild
Richard L.
thats a great price
as little as 79$
its gross
Richard L.
alright richard i think im good to go now
youve been a big help
Richard L.
You're welcome, please dont hesitate with any questions that you might have in regards to making your purchase at newegg :-)
i wont thanks again
Richard L.
anytime :-)
Richard L.
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