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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I have a terrible old POS. i was looking for a cheap upgrade that would be short term

Marius W.
Hello. Welcome to I'm Marius. How can I help you today? See you are looking at processors
I have a terrible old POS
Marius W.
it does happen
i was looking for a cheap upgrade that would be short term
Marius W.
Sure.. for a laptop or a desktop?
about as powerful as a 3 year old laptop
you think it would plug into a conroe based dell of the same socket without trouble?
Marius W.
Quite inexpensive. Not entirely sure if the same socket is there
i have speccy up in the backround
Dell Inc. 0RY007 (Socket 775)
Marius W.
If the sockets are the same then yes
yeah so cheap pos to plug into cheap pos, maybe to solve like 1 issue im having
went through a log in to wish list it for next week and didnt loose you
Marius W.
lol well a newer one will also resolve a lot of lag that you get with older computers that are wearing down too
yeah, i dont have 300 bucks or 500 or even 100 that i can burn
i will not use amd, not after tricores
sorry but that was a bridge they burned hard
Marius W.
Right. AMD's aren't that great
I do agree with you lol
i just need to get my fulltime upgrade at work
need to put in the 2nd shift in the department i rely on
and then shit some cash for mobo psu (probly not) ram and cpu
Marius W.
Yep.. times aren't easy and jobs are kinda scarce out there
got a 500 psu so, theres that
Marius W.
Yep and with building your own you can save quite a bit
also, dude, have you ever found a case that was plain?
Marius W.
There are some plain cases without all the lights and nonsense some have on them
no windows no nothing, side fan slots bottom fans top fans front fans and steel
Marius W.
Well cases usually don't have the Windows on it. Fans they do all have
yeah ive been looking and frankly i am rather disapointed with most full towers
i think i spelled that wrong
Marius W.
Cases are a personal preference. Kinda the fashion accessory of a computer build as why there are so many out there
Hard to find one without anything like you said
yeah, i like the plain black box
Marius W.
Right which are out there but with fans
no like, not a lot of cases have full setup for going to sealed highpressure air cooling
Marius W.
single exhaust
my friend hit i think 150 psi, his graphics card at load is at 50C
under load
Marius W.
the only problem was that he had to remove the fan from it and now it whistles slightly
Marius W.
the liquid cooling whistles?
air, all air
he also stays in his basement where its about 65 all year round
Marius W.
which does help a lot
anyway, im just wasting your time
ohh the reason i would not want a window is because his rattles like fuck
Marius W.
Which is very true and never quite understood the windows on the side. I get the point but not really into showing off the insides
if i want to show it off, i will grab the duster and shut it off, blow it out and show someone.
Marius W.
lol right.. exactly
but people now get into color matching and light shows inside too
yeah, no. and why the shit would you paint something electric
Marius W.
haha.. right
People get a bit much with PC builds
yeah, function over form
fuck your form
Marius W.
Right and how I feel when I build a PC. More interested that I get out of it what I want rather than making a piece of artwork that sits under my desk
exactly, now i will have it out in the open and what not but its a computer not a painting
Marius W.
haha.. yep. Exactly. It's a computer.
anyway, im going away
you have a good day
Marius W.
haha.. well it was good chatting with you
Have a great rest of the day and Happy Holidays
same to you
Marius W.
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