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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, hey yea i was just wondering would a video card be bottlenecked running at 8 lanes of pcie 3.0 lanes. im talking about a GTX 970. oh really?

Michael K.
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hey yea i was just wondering would a video card be bottlenecked running at 8 lanes of pcie 3.0 lanes
im talking about a GTX 970
Michael K.
on a gtx 970?
one sec
nope, it shouldn't be
oh really?
reason being is because im building a computer at a 1200-1500 price range and i saw that a samsung 950 ssd was a really fast ssd for a good price and i saw that it takes up 4 3.0 lanes and since i am using an intel possessor for 200-300 dollers most of them only have up to 16 lanes
Michael K.
oh well you shouldn't have any issues either way but what cpu are you looking at out of curiosity
like an i5 4690k or something of that nature
Michael K.
is it just the one ssd and gpu?
Michael K.
because if so you won't have any issues on an i5
should be
why is that?
Michael K.
because most people start to run into issues when they start to run 2 video cards -and- more than one ssd which is where bottlenecks occur
video cards take up a lot of lanes so if you try to run a lot of ssd's behind that you're basically wasting a video card since it won't be able to function as fast as it would be able to with x8 lanes
but since it's just one ssd and one video card on an i5 you should be perfectly fine
oh thanks and also the ssd runs on NVMe so would that be compatible with a MSI z97 gaming mobo?
Michael K.
hm do you have the link to the specific z97?
yea sure
Michael K.
i run a z97 myself so i know there are like at least 30 different ones haha
Michael K.
rad, one sec
oh yeah you're golden
nvme runs off pcie slots and this mobo has like 4 of em
alright cool
it just doesnt feel right running a card at 8x
but hey
Michael K.
ramming a drive into a pci slot feels pretty weird too lol
but the future is now my friend
if it work then it works
oh just wondering how come AMD doesnt support that much pcie 3.0?
like there FX prossesors
Michael K.
not actually sure on that one, if i had to guess i'd just say intel has more money to throw at higher quality products
yea i was also confused on that
so one last question just to make sure how would you go about configuring the lanes and boot to the ssd?
Michael K.
well most i5's are 8x8 by default so the video card will take it's 8 lanes by default and the ssd will just pop over to the other 8 and take it's 4
so it should be fine as is
alright and the ssd i just go to the boot menu? right
oh question mark misplaced lol
Michael K.
and yep if it's the only drive it'll just do it's thing as the default drive on there
alright thanks you been a huge help because i was worried that the ssd might not make it into the build and when its running at 2200 read thats hard to turn down
is there anything else that i should know?
Michael K.
ha fo sho
and nope you're pretty much good to go
enjoy your new build and keep it real
alright thanks
Michael K.
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