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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hey I'm trying to find fairly basic vid card for amd based comp. not a gamer. haha. how are you?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in some new PC parts?
Hey I'm trying to find fairly basic vid card for amd based comp
not a gamer
how are you?
Jesse A.
I can help you with that :-)
I'm doing pretty good. How are you?
bored out of my mind herniated a disk and have been home for almost a month
Jesse A.
Oh jeeezz
learning how to do a bunch of stuff while i'm out
Jesse A.
Oh nice
and my GF doesn't want me putting Linux on her desktop sooo
figured I'll make my own
Jesse A.
There ya go!
I can make up a parts list for you :-)
I got a MB a Proc and SSD Picked out
looking around is half the fun
Jesse A.
It is quite fun
Do you have a budget in mind for your computer?
the first list I put together came to $1400 that was with an intel
looking to see what something around the same would run with an AMD
Jesse A.
Oh nice. I can pick out some high end parts for you. Intel performs better, especially at that price point, so I recommend sticking with an i5 or i7.
I was looking at the amd fx-8350 8 core 4ghz
Jesse A.
The architecture of the chips is different, which greatly affects performance.
Jesse A.
Games still only one core
that was my original pick
Jesse A.
Oh nice.
I recommend Skylake for the advantage of DDR4 RAM
also cheaper
Okay now I need a new motherboard haha
Jesse A.
I found a good one of those :-)
What do you think of that build?
I like it I think a lower grade vid card maybe
Jesse A.
I gotcha. The GTX 960 is the next one down.
You don't lose that much power, but you save around $120
also do I need 16 GB ram? I read most PC's barely use 4. But you know better
Jesse A.
No, 8GB of RAM is plenty. I saw that kit and its a pretty great deal. Very fast.
It pretty much matches the clock speed of your CPU, so things will run very smooth.
Jesse A.
You're welcome! I use Corsair Dominator Platnium myself. It can handlle quite a bit.
I appreciate all the help! Thanks! I'm going to be buying this piece by piece for the next few weeks.
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Awesome! :-)
Do you plan to order any components tonight?
You can get price notifications for those products on Neweggs website so you can see if they go on sale
not tonight I get a check next week
so I'm just doing my research
Jesse A.
Oh I see. You'll have a really solid machine with these parts. Very long lasting.
Have a good night!
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Thanks, you too!
Enjoy your new PC!
Jesse A.
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