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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hello Spencer. I am building my first comp. And I would like to know about this motherboard. Actually a motherboard?

Hello Spencer
I am building my first comp
And I would like to know about this motherboard
Spencer J.
Hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help with a gaming chair?
Actually a motherboard?
Are you knowledgable about motherboards?
Spencer J.
Yes, sorry!
No problem
Spencer J.
Missed oyur first messages :-p
I am wondering if getting the MB was a mistake
so many reviews are saying that it gets real hot
Should I return it and get a better one?
I dont want to give myself a big headache with a crappy MB
but at the same time if it is fine then I do not see the need to spend extra $
Spencer J.
It depends, what processor you plan to use with it?
AMD 6300
Spencer J.
Ah, That would be fine. The higher end processor like the FX-9 series are the ones that get really hot. which would be the cause of this
I am also never going to be overclocking either
will that help it not get hot?
Spencer J.
yes, overclocking would be another cause of the heat
Just to be certain because I am a building noob
I am only going to be playing dota 2
Nothing higher
Spencer J.
no overclocking
So I should not encounter heat issues?
Spencer J.
Nope, I would not think so. Unless overclocking or running the top end processors.
Would a MOBO like this be better
or would it be wasted on me not needing it?
Spencer J.
Nah, you should not need it.
Do you think the people who had problems with overheating were using incompatible parts?
Spencer J.
Maybe, let me look over the board again..
Thanks Spencer I really appreciate this
Spencer J.
Sure :-)
My suspicion is they were using the high end FX-9 series processors, which due to power usage are not officially supported on some of these boards (but they do still fit and work) And with the higher power usage they generate quite a bit more heat.
But 6300 should be fine?
Spencer J.
Also a lower end one like a 6 or 7 series, being highly overclocked, generating to much heat
yeah, that will be fine, unless you try overclocking it quite a bit
I will not
Thanks Spencer!
Spencer J.
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