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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Hello. How much GB of RAM do you suggest for a Gaming computer?

Mike S.
Hi, Im Mike, how can I help you find the right ram tonight?
How much GB of RAM do you suggest for a Gaming computer?
Mike S.
It is all about budget and the components around it.
Are you running an SSD?
What video card do you have?
What power Supply?
IS this a new system or and upgrade?
Power supply
This is a New system
and I havent got to the GPU
Mike S.
Do you mind if I ask what the system budget is?
around 500-600 I belive
Mike S.
I like that processor for bang for the buck
Figured good for the computer I want to build
Mike S.
love the mobo
I play CS:GO minecraft (want to play WoW)
Those are the main games I play
Mike S.
Do mind giving me a second to look at the mobo specs, what to make sure I have you in the right configuration.
That I want to be able to run at a constant 60 FPS atleast
I think I have to get a fan for the CPU
Dont think it comes with it
Mike S.
Your primary factor in FPS will be the vid card. You have 4 slots so I recommend a double dimm setup to allow for upgrade.
May I ask what is a Double DIMM setup?
like two GPUs?
Mike S.
no, you have 4 ram slots and a max RAM of 32gb.
I have a recomendation.
So 16GB or 8gb?
Mike S.
That is two 8 gigs, so when you decided to go to 32 you can just order 2 more.
That RAM is what I was actually looking at lol
Mike S.
I like 16 on the main rig, it is a bit of over kill on most things, but is the key factor in system stability.
Great minds think alike?
Mike S.
What else are you looking for in the build, do you have your accessories already?
My Operating system I have and office I have as well as KB and Mouse
Mike S.
Can't beat the cooling for the price and I think on that chip it is also overkill.
Cant be to safe
Mike S.
I used the same thing in my last aircooled system.
I dont trust water
Mike S.
Watercooled CPU systems are the best. I have used one for years
So I realize the CPU is Quad Core and .2 isnt much of a different for a 8 core
But idk
Ill need to price everything real quick
Mike S.
The 4 will actually give you more overclock room.
Are you intrested in that?
No point to over clock
Mike S.
Building your Cart?
Will I have to buy thermal paste or does that come with the CPU?
Mike S.
Get Arctic silver, worth every penny.
Are you still with me?
Mike S.
Just browsing or can I answer more questions for you?
browsing atm
Mike S.
Would you mind closing this window and taking a short survey on our performance? You can come back to us at anytime with more questions.
Mike S.
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