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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, hello and thank you for your assistance. I am looking for a motherboard and processor...probably core i7 which is what I am replacing

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in a new PC?
hello and thank you for your assistance
I am looking for a motherboard and processor...probably core i7 which is what I am replacing
Jesse A.
No problem! How can I help you? :-)
currently I have asus maximus vi formula and core i7 but unfortunaltely it is socket lga 1155
but it wont boot and I have ruled out everything except mb and processor
Jesse A.
Thats not a big issue. Thats some really nice hardware :-)
yeah I like it but it isn't booting now
Jesse A.
Does the motherboard make any sounds when it turns on?
everything seems perfect there is power and everything working.....but no display...I changed out monitor and power supply and video card so far
same result
switched memory and hard drive same result
Jesse A.
It could be the mobo
I recommend contacting ASUS
it is under warranty but it will take a while so I was going to upgrade
Jesse A.
Oh I gotcha
I want a board that has highest reviews and plenty of usb 3.0
which socket do you use.....2011 ....1150...1151
Jesse A.
I have an 1150
If you wanna get brand new stuff, the 1151s are out and have some cool upgrades
is ddr3 ok or is ddr4 worth the money
Jesse A.
DDR3 is fine for pretty much everyone right now
is 1151 going to be around for a while? my 1155 got dumped
Jesse A.
It's hard to say. CPUs are evolving fairly quickly, but its getting harder to evolve
I really was going to get the msi godlike mb but the reviews are really not encouraging
too many issues
but it has everything I want
Jesse A.
Thats unfortuante.
Have you seen the ASUS Sabertooth? It's a pretty robust mobo
my network administrator has bought a dozen or so sabertooth....we like them
Jesse A.
Good to hear! :-)
Jesse A.
It's $60 off right now too
that sounds like the one if it has enough usb 3.0
Jesse A.
Lets take a look...
2x USB 3.1, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0
the problem with the maximus vi formula was the cmos battery is under the armor plate and you have to remove the mb from the case to remove the plate to access the battery....haha
Jesse A.
Oh I gotcha. ASUS did change the armor design a bit.
6 hour job with water cooling involved
Jesse A.
Oh jeez
very bad unexpected experience
I may be able to work with the number of usb with a hub
Jesse A.
Sounds like an unfortunate part failure.
Jesse A.
USB 3.1 is alllll about a hub
The bandwith is insane
I have four usb 3.0 external drives two usb printers and
a usb 2.0 mouse and keyboard
Jesse A.
Ok. I highly recommend getting a 3.1 hub
yeah but I haven't seen one for usb 3.1
the sabertooth is lga 1150 ?
Jesse A.
This one is LGA 1150. There is also an LGA 1151 version
I want to take a look
i just got the lg widescreen 34 inch monitor from newegg and once you see is impossible to be happy with anything else
Jesse A.
I could imagine!
with a gtx GeForce 780 ti
Jesse A.
Those graphics will be quite nice indeed :-)
if you take a look at No Limits 2 roller coaster simulator with that can get motion sick
Jesse A.
I haven't even heard of that game. Is it hyper realistic?
oh wow it is like nothing i have seen before....they have a free demo download....with 3 coasters....the Fennis is amazing....not sure if it is free....but you are going around trees at full speed and a couple feet away
Jesse A.
Im watching a video now
It looks crazy!
I live near Cedar Point, so I'm a big roller coaster fan
yeah but i am on my laptop and need my gaming rig fixed
Jesse A.
For sure!
No Limits 2 full version is 40 bucks but it is worth every penny
so would you suggest the sabertooth 1150 or 1151
Jesse A.
If you want some more future-proofing, the DDR4 feature of the 1151 (Z170) board is a plus
i bet you were impressed with the Msi Godlike board.....but the reviews bother me
RGB programmable lighting
and has everything
Jesse A.
Awwww thats the Godlike? Thats too bad. I'm a big fan of RGB lighting
me too !!!!!!
can i get a great board with rgb ?
Jesse A.
No, thats a one of a kind feature for MSI. Brand new.
some of the new video cards are featuring rgb
lighted logo
but my 780 ti is new so i will use it for a while
Jesse A.
Nothing wrong with a 780ti! :-)
so i should get the sabertooth 1151 ?
Jesse A.
Honestly they're both pretty equal. DDR4 and CPU chipset being the only real differences
If you plan to build soon, you may want to go with the 1150 since all of those CPUs are in stock
the 1151 cpu isn't in stock ?
i want core i7
Jesse A.
No, the i7-6700k is out of stock right now
Pretty much everywhere actually
but the 1150 and 1151 are pretty close except for ddr4 memory ?
Jesse A.
gosh i would like to get ddr4 but i need a new mb
Jesse A.
If you need it quick, go with the 1150. You aren't missing that much. DDR4 is still fairly slow for what is expected
how long before you expect core i7 1151
Jesse A.
In a chat yesterday, someone told me 4-6 weeks, but I can't substantiate that in any way.
I think it could be any time
i was really surprised they dumped the 1155
hurts the resale values
Jesse A.
Thats CPUs. Luckily their performance isn't that far off
but it seems that i could put a cheap 1151 cpu in under 100 dollars until the core i7 is available
Jesse A.
That is an option too
60 or 80 dollars
and i would have a backup cpu
Jesse A.
Lets see...
how horrible would it perform
worse than core i3
about like AMD
Jesse A.
haha probably!
ok i will take a look and order something so i can get it next week
you have been a huge help
thank you very much for your time
have you seen the LG 34 inch widescreen? 16:10 monitors
its basically like having two monitors with out the bezel
Jesse A.
I'm glad I could help you pick out some sweet new hardware!
Thats the dream for me!
the aquarium 3.0 and No Limits 2 is not the same on any other monitor
you have to see it to appreciate it
Jesse A.
I could imagine!
the problem is....that 4k and 1080p content is not available to the extent that it should be in 2015
Jesse A.
Tell me about it
Whenever I mention 4k my roommates say its just not ready yet
at least 90 percent of the HD that Dishnetwork claims is not even close....its low res run thru a scaler so they claim its high res....but it aint even close
i got playboy channel and it is not even HD and I have seen better from a VCR tappe
Jesse A.
ew, I hate upscaled resolution
its SD and they don't claim it is HD but its really bad
Jesse A.
Thats pretty bad service
yeah but with a 34 inch LD widescreen monitor and a gtx 780 card...a lot of video looks rough
Jesse A.
Oh I gotcha
The 900 series cards are closer to supporting UHD (and do) but graphics are still pretty rough
thank you for everything....i am going to order a board and cpu
Jesse A.
No problem, you're welcome!
yeah i want the 980 ti hybrid soon
i am looking at that one
the titan x is too much money compared to what you get from the 900 series
its like 300 dollars difference
for very little difference
Jesse A.
980ti is the way to go
yeah that is what i was going to get.....but now i have to replace my board and cpu
i am gonna order the sabertooth in a moment
everyone at work is running that board
Jesse A.
awesome. If you do it while we're chatting it helps me out a lot :-)
Jesse A.
What kind of work do you do? (if you don't mind me asking) It's a pretty intense mobo
i just want to compare the 1150 to 1151
we are an engineering company and we use development desktop and civil 3d with rendering so we need high end but i don't think it is enthusiast or gaming level....its core i5
Jesse A.
Oh I gotcha
i would want more for gaming at home
ok i will leave chat window open.....and place the order....
Jesse A.
Awesome, thanks! :-)
oh my god....the 1151 sabertooth looks like they have the cmos battery underneath the armor plate.....
Jesse A.
Granted, that cmos battery issue is pretty uncommon though.
it must be a removable cover ? that doesn't require the mb to be taken out of the case to replace the battery
Jesse A.
The aromor is easy to take off when it is not installed
yeah but once you have everything running and the battery are looking at a long day to do something that should take 5 minutes
i think i see a couple of screws that you can remove to access the battery
the 1150 definitely seems to have an access
4 screws
Jesse A.
Would you be interested in a similar board that doesn't have armor?
i like the looks long as i can change the battery without a major job
Jesse A.
I don't think any mobos with armor are really designed with speedy repairs in mind.
i agree
Jesse A.
This board is more gaming-centric:
Costs a bit less too
the sabertooth that we have at work....have armor but the cmos battery is not under the plate
Jesse A.
Oh I gotcha. It may be a Z77 or Z87 version
yeah it is a z87
Jesse A.
That makes sense
but for production at work they seem really good
if the 1151 core i7 was in stock i would get that
with ddr4 mem
Jesse A.
I gotcha
i think it is available at amazon
what do you think would be dead on my seems to be mb or cpu....which one do you think is more likely to be bad
Jesse A.
The mobo is most likely.
dust can cause shorts. Thats why I suggested the armor.
I've seen that happen in front of me
i have an amazing corsair windowed case with filters on my fans
i see what you mean by dust being an issue
Jesse A.
Corsair makes some quality stuff. I doubt it was dust.
I'm not sure who could do a post-mortem on it
they have cheap post test cards but they don't always have codes for every mb ...the cards are really cheap place it in a slot...boot up....and the last code you see is where it died
a book tells you what the codes mean....but you need a card that supports your mb
post test cards are like 10 or 15 dollars
Jesse A.
Oh ok
Usually CPUs are really reliable
so you and i need to stay connected until i make the purchase for you to get credit ?
my cpu is water cooled and i never over clocked it
Jesse A.
I will get credit even after the window closes, but I get extra credit if we are connected :-)
ok let me get started making my final choice
Jesse A.
I'll be here!
the ratings for 2011 are usually around 3 out of 5 bad do you think that is
Jesse A.
It's hard to say.
It's possible a lot of people getting LGA 2011 didn't know what they were getting and were upset with the purchase, which could bring down ratings
Jesse A.
The 1151s seem pretty solid though.
2011 was more for workstation stuff
ok i put the 1151 saber in my cart....which memory would you use for this application......i want 4 sticks of 8gb ddr4
with 5 star ratings
that is a great combination with the saber 1151
Jesse A.
I know some stuff
g skill is coming in at best ratings
some for $160 and some for 204 but i want to match it with the saber mb
Jesse A.
I can do that for you :-)
thank you
your best recomendation
Jesse A.
I like Corsair Dominator Platnium
everything i have from corsair is fantastic
water cooling....pc case.....power supply
one last question
Jesse A.
What would you like to know? :-)
just to be sure.....would you buy the sabertooth 1151 or the msi gaming z170 titanium ?
Jesse A.
I have a Gryphon Z87 (mini Sabertooth) , but I'll check out that MSI for you
the msi has 5 stars...
Jesse A.
lets see...
That is a beautiful board
Yaaaa, I think I would go with that
ok thanks
Jesse A.
No problem! Thats going to be a crazy PC!
well I loved the asus rog maximus vi formula but it died today
even with the buried cmos battery.....I would have stayed with this board
Jesse A.
I gotcha
Might as well go with something new and different!
I started using asus mbs since my 486 system...back with windows 95 and never had anything other than asus and never any problems with any of the mbs
Jesse A.
Thats a looooong time
the Msi titanium reviews are top
Jesse A.
Thats awesome to hear from a mobo like that
Some black lights in the case would make it look amazing too
yikes.....i checked and the core i7 from amazon.....wont arrive till next month
Jesse A.
Oh wow
Might as well wait on that one. I guess the 4-6 weeks was right!
i really wanted that Msi titanium mb
Jesse A.
The heart wants what the heart wants
but didn't we see a cpu for 1151 under 100 dollars i can use temporarily
Jesse A.
Yes, the Pentium :-)
is the performance going to be horrible ?
Jesse A.
It won't be great, but it will run until you can get your hands on a proper processor
for core i7 should i use water cooling even without oc .....or is the fan and sink going to take care of it.....i saw about 2 or 3 degrees Celsius drop when i went to liquid
will that make any difference
Jesse A.
If you aren't overclocking, it won't matter much, but will want want a nice air cooler.
Even so, Corsair makes some simple liquid cooler radiators for around $60
i have a corsair single fan liquid cooler and a thermaltake 3.0 double fan cooler already....if it works with pretty sure at least one of them do if not both
they are both sealed liquid
Jesse A.
There shouldn't be any compatibiltiy issues :-)
but my sytem still seemed pretty warm times
Jesse A.
It will still radiate some heat.
That just goes to show how warm they get
but the gpu on the 780 ti was more efficient and cooler than my last was like a pizza oven
i sold it on ebay and went FAST
Jesse A.
thats great
but it got really hot
i think the 900 series run pretty cool.
Jesse A.
They are a bit cooler
will it make much difference which Pentium i get....they are all under 100 dolalrs
Jesse A.
No, not really, especially since you are going to replace it in a month or so
they all have same cache
Jesse A.
Ya, its Pentium.
It can only run as fast as the Blue Man Group can play anyway ;-)
we are getting close to the price of the Msi Godlike
Jesse A.
but I don't want to spend a ton of money to get something that a lot of other people didn't like very much
i expect a few bad reviews......on anything....but that was a lot
Jesse A.
I gotcha
actually all 2011 mbs were not really great reviews
Godlike has rgb and everything you could want
Jesse A.
Ya, I saw that a couple weeks ago. Very intriguing.
ok i placed my order....actually everything that i just bought....was only about as much as the 980 ti hybrid video card
Jesse A.
Pretty much!
i could wait till newegg gets the core i7 might be faster than amazon....but i really want it asap
Jesse A.
I think it will be pretty much the same. Newegg has better customer support, so thats what I recommend
oh the LG monitor i got from curved.....have you see it ? I'm serious....if you see cant go back to anything else
Jesse A.
I have checked out the curved monitors a bit. LG makes some great displays
i was using a 32 inch Samsung widescreen and as great as it is really weak compared to the 34 inch LG curved ultra wide
Jesse A.
Oh I bet. Especially with imerssive games
it seems almost as bad as 4:3 compared to the ultra wide
Jesse A.
that is the feeling you get.....and why i say is impossible to go back after you see one
Jesse A.
I know the feeling.
I textured a model in 4k and now 2k looks awful to me
well thank you for all your help today.....even tho i didn't get the Godlike....i still got the Msi and i think the titanium 1151 is actually better than my Asus maximus formula vi Rog
Jesse A.
You're welcome! I'm confident you're really going to enjoy that mobo :-)
i am going from ddr3 to ddr4 anyway
Jesse A.
All kinds of upgrades!
thanks again and have a great weekend
Jesse A.
No problem, you're welcome! Enjoy the build!
thanks i will
Jesse A.
Have fun! :-)
Jesse A.
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