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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Evening bud. How are you doing?

Evening bud. How are you doing?
Spencer J.
Hello, welcome ot Newegg!
Can I help you with a processor?
So, putting together my christmas wish list for my very first gaming PC
I want to build it myself, but I really don't know a whole lot about the differences between parts
Spencer J.
Looking at processors, I'm pretty set on an i-5. Affordable and reliable
But, there are SO MANY FREAKIN i-5's
and I really don't know the difference.
Other than the board that I want is an 1150, so it has to be that
Can you please explain to me:
Spencer J.
The difference between an I5-4xxx and an i5-6xxx
Spencer J.
I should be able to help clear that up
Generation, 6xxx is newer, better energy efficiency, overall similar performance.
Would a 6 gen fit into a 1150 slot? And are 4 gen antiquated already, or would I be safe with one
Spencer J.
6th gen is 1151 though, it will not fit an 1150 board
Okay. So should I start looking into 6th gen now? Is 4xxx becoming outdated?
Spencer J.
4th is still very much in use, and does have good power for modern applications. That being said 6th gen boards have more features, DDR4 and generally more future proof.
Ah, I'm glad you brought upo ddr4, had a qwuestion about that as well.
But first
Spencer J.
I've noticed that in general, most i5 have 6mb l3 cache. Some however include l2cache as well
What's the difference, and is a board with both l3 and l2 better?
by board, i mean cpu.
Spencer J.
One moment please.
no worries mate. Take all the time you need. I really appreciate the help
Spencer J.
Happy to assist :-)
most processors have both, the highest one, L3 is usually the advertised one. Bigger is better as it allows the processor to communicate faster with the RAM
Perfect. And as for the difference between a 6400 and a 6600, is that pretty much just speed?
Spencer J.
Yep, just the clock speed
Sweet! So if I'm looking at a i5 4th gen, I'll need an 1150mb, and an i5 6 i'll need an 1151?
Spencer J.
Will most graphic cards be able to be used for either?
either being the 1151 or 1150
Spencer J.
Yes, video cards are universally compatible and work with either one
As for ram, is it ddr3 for the 4 and ddr4 for the 6?
Spencer J.
When looking at mb's, it says number of memory slots.. Those are where the ram goes right?
4x288pin means it can hold 4 ram card things? God I feel like an idiot calling them ram card things -_-
Spencer J.
Memory, RAM, same thing :-)
Okay, this is all fantastic news.
So really, what I'm looking at to get for core computer hardware is the mb, cpu, gpu, memory
then obviouly power, ssd etc
but those are the major players in how my computer will run games?
Spencer J.
Yes, pretty much Video card and processor,
but then everything has to be compatible with motherboard etc..
Does it matter if my cpu has integrated graphics? Can I get one without any real focus on that and just rely on my gpu?
Or is it good to have both for additional power?
I heard that AMD does an APU and intel sticks more to CPU
Spencer J.
Nah, it is not needed, using a dedicated video card the integrated video will not be used
Fan.Tastic. Thank's for all your help. It's really overwhelming trying to dive into the world of building your own gaming PC
Spencer J.
you're welcome!
Do it once, it becomes much easier the next time :-)
I think I'm set for now. Is there anyway I can bring up this chat if I have a question later on?
You popped up in a box on my screen and I was like "oh hell yeah I have a question"
Spencer J.
haha, unfortunately not. It is quite busy so it only comes up if we have capacity to take another chat.
alright, well lets hope you pop up again when I have another question. Thank you for the help though! I'm all set. Happy gaminig!
Spencer J.
thanks, you too! good luck on the build.
Spencer J.
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