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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, by the way i have no idea what am i doing. <b class='emoticon smile'>:-)</b>. what is diffrence between 2400 and 1600. which one is better. i am between 2 items. i want to buy this motherboard. so 1600 is better ?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you ready for a fast new gaming PC?
hi can you help with some thing
Jesse A.
Possibly. What would you like to know?
i am building a desktop
Jesse A.
Nice :-)
i choose some things but i have a question with memory
by the way i have no idea what am i doing
Jesse A.
hahah, no worries, I am here to help
What would you like to know about RAM?
what is diffrence between 2400 and 1600
which one is better
i am between 2 items
Jesse A.
If the motherboard can support high-speed 2000Mhz+ RAM, go with that.
i want to buy this motherboard
Jesse A.
The closer you can get the RAMs speed to the processor clock speed the better
so 1600 is better ?
Jesse A.
The 2400 would be better
oh gett it
did you look at my motherboard ist says 2400 what is '' '' mean
Jesse A.
Nice mobo
ok what is
Jesse A.
Where did you see that? It was likely a typo on my part
on my morherboard it says ddr3 2400 little star
i dont know little star mean
Jesse A.
The asterisk indicates overclockability of the RAM
ok one last one
this mother board
work with this one
Jesse A.
Yes, those will pair up just fine :-)
ok thank you this was great help to me :-)
Jesse A.
You're welcome! I'm glad I could help you out!
oh can i ask one more
i want to buy wireless adaptor to this mobo but i don t know which one i must buy can you help me
Jesse A.
Yes I can!
Thats similar to the one I use. Works with the access point 30 feet away with 2 walls inbetween.
oh nice is this better tan this
or i am asking do i need this one
Jesse A.
They'll perform very similarly. The PCIe adapter will likely have better reception, but may need software updates.
USB is obviously very easy to work with
ok i am going to buy usb and 850w power supply is enough for gaming pc i want to buy nvidia gforce gtx980 graphic card
Jesse A.
Awesome! The 980 is a great card.
Do you have a power supply and graphics card picked out?
wait a min
Jesse A.
No problem!
Jesse A.
That will be a great card to have. What games do you play?
rightnow nothing :-(
Jesse A.
5 year warranty on the PSU thats nice
i want to play gta5 witcher 3
Jesse A.
GTAV will look amazing. You have that to look forward to! :-)
Do you plan to order these parts today?
actually i build hole pc a week ago but i want to wait cyber monday
do you know what time is starting
Jesse A.
The deals are going on all weekend. The sale is pretty much started.
I'm not sure if something different is planned for monday or what.
this is my hole pc
Jesse A.
Thats a nice CPU :-)
Jesse A.
Thats gonna be pretty awesome
I like that display
yeey that is great because i have no idea what i am doing
so is 850w is enough for this
Jesse A.
Oh ya, its plenty.
You could go down to a 750w gold if you wanted.
I would just order now honestly. Pretty much all of those parts are on sale :-)
It's highly unlikely that their prices will get better
hmm rightnow my items are 1795usd
Jesse A.
i was hoping it will be 1500
Jesse A.
Well, let me play around with some things.
I'm sure I can get you to $1500 :-)
i am from turkey i am earning money from there it means triple time to usd
1500 is 4500
Jesse A.
Thats pretty sweet
so if i order today is it going to help you some how because i am going to buy here for sure on monday
Jesse A.
You just need to pick out a case :-)
Jesse A.
Looks pretty sweet to me!
Lots of space inside.
which one is better asus mobo or this one
Jesse A.
They're very similar actually.
I would go with the MSI :-)
and i still need a monitor
Jesse A.
Plus the MSI mobo is $25 off and comes with a free mouse
I know a good one
Well, you're already looking at BenQ!
i was thinking 27' but is it ok 24'
Jesse A.
Whichever fits into your budget better. I think both of those will with the extra budget left by the rebuild
is this one good or do you suggest my benq because it is only 60usd
Jesse A.
I'd go with the 27in you found :-)
Thats a better deal, and a bigger display
Jesse A.
Exactly. It's really bright as well at 300 cd/m2
Are you wondering about any of the components? :-) You're going to have a pretty amazing PC!
no thank you you are very very helpfull
Jesse A.
You're welcome! I'm glad I could help you out! Most of those parts are on sale today, so strike while its hot! :-)
^promo code for the power supply
thank you again you bright my day man
Jesse A.
I'm happy to hear it!
Do you plan to order any parts today?
yes i think so but i still need to time to think
Jesse A.
No problem! :-) Do you have any questions about the parts? or is that all for now?
it is all thanks
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Have fun with your new gaming PC!
If you click on the X in the chat box you will go to the post chat survey. Thanks! :-)
Jesse A.
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