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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, yes please!

Nathan R.
hi! can I help you with a cpu?
yes please!
I have been upgrading my current PC and I want to get a new cpu and mobo
well, and memory too
I'm bottlenecking on memory and cpu cache from video editing
I have a Radeon R7 265 and a 240GB SSD I'll be using with the build, as well as a 650w ps
Nathan R.
ok - happy to help out. what do you currently have for a mobo/cpu?
currently I have a bigbox mobo, it's an msi 7778, so it runs a pretty good AMD processor right now
I was wanting to convert to an intel processor, which would need a new mobo
A8-5500 processor
Nathan R.
ok, for video editing your best bet with intel would be to get a X99 motherboard and the 5820k cpu
and ouch - AMD APUs are no good for high performance tasks
great, affordable choices for business machines but they falter on high end stuff
yeah I gathered that from chugging along thusfar
Nathan R.
let me see if I can find a combo deal with the 5820k
but my r7 260 has been a real godsend with adobe premiere
thank you
Nathan R.
here are some combo deals:
Thank you. I will continue to do my research and make up a budget proposal. I appreciate your help!
Nathan R.
you're welcome! really glad I could help!
Nathan R.
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