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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Yes, I just got a new system for my son and was looking for a good monitor.

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in a sharp new gaming monitor?
Yes, I just got a new system for my son and was looking for a good monitor.
Jesse A.
I can help you with that! :-)
He doesn't need anything elaborate, but wants to do game capturing and would like it to have microphone capability if that would be needed for game capturing?
Jesse A.
Microphone is handled by the computer itself. No worries with the monitor there
he would like to game capture and put it on YouTube he said?
is that the best way to record commentary for his games?
Jesse A.
To do that, a headset or microphone would be needed.
The game capture software needs to be setup with an external mic to do that.
So i should buy a separate, ok. I have an game capture software from Elgato.
Jesse A.
I know a really good headset for recording. Voice comes though really clear.
game capture HD, what do you suggest
Jesse A.
The Corsair Void headset has really good voice recording, and looks pretty cool too.
and do you think the monitor I picked out is more than he will need for the system i bought him from this site as well? Can you see which system? Headset is a bit more than I was thinking of spending right now?
Jesse A.
No problem!
Which monitor did you have in mind?
Hello, did i lose you?
Jesse A.
Sorry! I'm still here :-)
Do you have a link to the monitor you were thinking about?
is there a way I can show you the system i bought and the monitor i have in my cart to buy?
Jesse A.
Yes you can! Just paste the URL link from your browser here and I'll be able to check them out
it is on this site ok let me try
Jesse A.
That version of the Void is wired and only $60. Easier to use, and less expensive :-)
Jesse A.
my laptop keeps locking up, sorry.
Jesse A.
No worries!
That monitor will work just fine :-)
i am trying to get the link to the system I got as well.
Jesse A.
Thatd be great! What do you think of the $60 headset?
I like it and will add it to the cart.the system i got is the iBuypower Desktop PC ARC Series NE621FX AMD FX Series FX-6300, can you find it?
Jesse A.
Yes I can!
It won't have any issue working with that monitor
Ok great, When I tried to add the headset is comes up at a bit higher in price, just to let you know?
Jesse A.
Thats odd. Let me take a look. Usually what is listed here is higher.
I'm sorry about that
I like it though and can search for others compatible.
Jesse A.
This headset connects to the PC via USB, so its easy to setup and 100% compatible :-)
great thanks for your help. :-)
Have a great holiday, thank you for your help. :-)
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Thanks, you too! :-)
Jesse A.
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