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Q. visitor asked, Yes I am and was wondering what gaming monitor I should get?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you ready to upgrade your PC gaming experience?
Yes I am and was wondering what gaming monitor I should get?
Jesse A.
There are lots of choices. Are you looking for any specific features?
Well I plan to do both pc and console gaming and built in speakers would be nice.
Jesse A.
Ok cool. That is defintetly good to have
Do you have any suggestions?
Jesse A.
Let me dig up a few.
Do you have a budget in mind?
Under $300 dollars would be nice.
Jesse A.
Ok cool. Do you plan to have multiple monitors in the future?
No because my desk space is a bit limited
I was looking at the ASUS MX279H Silver
Jesse A.
Ya, I was gonna post that one for you.
Looks like it fits the bill :-)
Yes but then the benq's look promising as well
Jesse A.
Yes, those are the official monitor of MLG
But they are on the pricey side
Jesse A.
They are pricey, but they are built from the ground up with gaming in mind.
True but I did hear about ghosting issues with that brand in general.
Jesse A.
Really? Thats a bit strange. Was it a particular model?
I heard with the higher hz output it is common
Jesse A.
That could be due to the game framerate not lining up with the screen refresh rate
What gaming monitor do you use?
Jesse A.
I've been using my Alienware AW2210 for the past 5 years. It's a Dell panel.
What are the pros and cons?
Jesse A.
Well, that monitor is a bit dated.
Modern monitors are less expensive for the same features, and have new features, such as ultra-HD resolution, and different connection options.
Does it have built in speakers
Jesse A.
No, it does not.
When I used it with my Xbox, I used a 5.1 surround sound stereo
How much space did that take up?
Jesse A.
Not much. The more difficult part is finding spots for the speakers
what sound system did you use?
Jesse A.
It's a Panasonic Blu-Ray surround sound system. 4-5 years ago it was about $350.
If you can do that kind of setup, you will have more monitor options, and have a more immersive gaming and movie-viewing experience
I was thinking of getting a Razer Leviathan system.
Jesse A.
Oh nice!
You can't beat the price.
Jesse A.
That would solve your audio issue, and you wouldn't have a ton of speakers scattered everywhere.
True just a sound bar under my monitor and a subwoofer.
Jesse A.
so i've decided on the ASUS MX279H Silver, with the leviathan.
What external ssd would you recommend?
Jesse A.
Let me see if I can find something similar to that ASUS.
I don't like the response time of 5ms. Thats not great for gaming.
Jesse A.
That looks pretty good.
But I did like the bezel less desiegn .
Jesse A.
True, that is pretty sleek
on the mx279h
but the VX238H has better value
smaller screen though
Jesse A.
Monitors have lots of little variables to consider
That looks promising
Jesse A.
Awesome! It's pretty nice.
I wouldn't need to worry about built in speakers. Because of the leviathan
Jesse A.
Exactly. Gaming monitor, 5.1 gaming soundbar
Now onto the subject of an external hard drive.
do you have any suggestions
Jesse A.
I have a western digital external harddrive
I was thinking the wd My Passport Ultra because of its space to size ratio.
of course then you have their my books to.
Jesse A.
Oooooh that ones shiny
a little pricey though
it is newer
Jesse A.
Indeed. Memory has becomre really cheap these days
Couldn't I use that for an Xbox one?
Jesse A.
Let me check on that. I don't have an Xbox One so I'm not sure.
For a sacrifice on space you can get this for more storage cheaper.
Jesse A.
Unless you can use up 6TB of space in the next year, I recommend sticking to around 2TB or so.
the portable element is really important
Jesse A.
Gotcha. Those big externals usually require a wall outlet
true with the Xbox one 1 power brick is enoug .
Jesse A.
haha for sure.
would you ever recommend a seagate?
Jesse A.
Lets see...
I was looking at failure rates recently.
From what I saw, the capacity means more to failure rate than brand.
1.5TB and 3TB drives were almost twice as likely to fail the first year than other capacities
Hmm because I used to own one and it crashed in 3 months.
Jesse A.
Oh no! I use Western Digital for all my stuff.
Its to bad replacing the internal hard drive isn't an option
Due to voiding your warranty
Jesse A.
Are you talking about for an external harddrive? or for a laptop/desktop?
Im talking about in the Xbox one.
Jesse A.
Oh! I gotcha.
And yes, an external harddrive can be used with the Xbox. It has to be at least 256GB, and be USB 3.0
have you heard if the GAEMS Vanguard
Jesse A.
No I have not
its portable, has a monitor and speakers
Jesse A.
Thats pretty fancy
Its pretty cheap for what you get
Jesse A.
Ya, that is a really interesting setup. Do you travel often?
Yes I do.
It doesn't tell me alot about the screen or the speakers though
Jesse A.
How can I get a transcript of this chat?
Jesse A.
You can copy and paste the text into a text document :-)
hmm ok well have a good night
Jesse A.
Thanks, you too! Enjoy your new gaming gear!
thank you for the help
Jesse A.
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