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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, Yep I need a good monitor for gaming that's 4K and relatively cheap

Ryan R.
welcome to new egg! can i help you with monitors today?
Yep I need a good monitor for gaming that's 4K and relatively cheap
Ryan R.
ill take a look but thoes words dont usually go together well >.<
what graphics card do you have?
GTX 960
Ryan R.
hmmm little hard to drive 4k with it but we can try it :-)
What graphics card would you recommend to upgrade to for 4K
Ryan R.
The only one that is truley capable of running 4k at ultra is the 980TI and the Titan series, but they are like welll over $1000 for a titan and i dont recomend them and the 980Ti is like $800 :s so its tough, not to say 960 cant run 4k, but its a lot harder for it
What's a good gaming monitor that you would recommend then
Ryan R.
Do you still want to go 4k? or stick with 1080?
I will be fine with 1080 salons as it looks good
Ryan R.
Honestly, i could of sold you a 4k monitor, but i dont think you would of been happy with it
i think 1080P is the way to go for now!
Ryan R.
What games do you play? so i can get a sense of some of the specs you will need for a monitor
BFH most of the popular ones and not so. But I also help make games
Ones that need a lot:-(
Ryan R.
Do you know how much you want to budget for a monitor? just so i can narrow down the range
Um not at this moment
Not to pricy
Ryan R.
kk screen size?
not to small tho
Ryan R.
brand preference at all?
Nope haven't had to many to know MELISSA NICOLE GARRETThats a good one
Wow my typing on this iPad is weird sorry
Ryan R.
i have this one but in 27inch and its the best monitor ive used.... so good i have 3 of them >.>
Do they set high like in the picture
Ryan R.
They can move up and down, let me see if i can get you a picture of it
Ryan R.
uploading now
hopefully this clarifies it a bit, thats my monitor
Yep it does.
Thx for helping me find a good monitor
Ryan R.
no problem! honestly they are worth the money, best monitors ive used
Little pricey but I MELISSA NICOLE GARRETTI'll take your word
Forget this iPad I'm sorry thanks for the help
Idk why it's doing this
Ryan R.
no problem!
Ryan R.
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