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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, yeah what up j man. Im looking for my first rig

Spencer J.
hello, welcome to Newegg!
Can I help you find a gaming computer?
yeah what up j man
Im looking for my first rig
Spencer J.
ok cool
what games do you play?
fallout lots and lots of fallout
Spencer J.
Nice :-)
right! I'm dying, I sold my console and have about 500-600 to throw on s solid Pc
so should i be looking at intel of AMD?
Spencer J.
For a good build at this price I recommend an AMD build
cool, Im also looking for 8gb of ram and some where in the neighbor hood of 3.00ghz of processing power
Spencer J.
and a pretty good graphics card,
so are there any builds that I should be looking at or should i assemble my own?
Spencer J.
checking now
personally as this is my first venture in to gaming Pc id prefer to have it assembled and ready to go but is self assembly would get me more bang for my buck then thats what Id be about
Spencer J.
A prebuilt system, capable of Playing Fallout 4 smoothly you would be looking at something like this
nice I dig it
its just a tad bit out of my price range
would fallout run on something like this one
or this one
Spencer J.
it owuld not. Unfortunately the video card is not powerful enough for minimum requirements.
this kit
plus this video card
would do well though. You will have to put everything together
how are video card rated? and how will I know what will be capable for running fallout?
Spencer J.
this is a mid/high end video card. It is also a newer model and will run most current games smoothly
ahhh I see
well in that case I think I still have a bit of shopping around to do :-p
but I do appreciate the help J man
Spencer J.
Alright :-)
take it easy
Spencer J.
thanks, you too. Have a nice day!
Spencer J.
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