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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, well. i am looking to build a PC for trading

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you interested in a new gaming PC?
i am looking to build a PC for trading
Jesse A.
I am trying to put something together from scratch that will hold up for at least 5-7 years
Jesse A.
What sort of features are you looking for? I imagine you want to run a bunch of displays
yes most definitely
at least 4 to begin
Jesse A.
Do you have those displays? Or do you need to purchase them as well?
i was recommended to have at least 512 mb per monitor
so i was looking at getting at least two 2 GB video cards
I would like to have anywhere between 16 and 32 Gb of ram and
Jesse A.
Do you have a budget in mind for this build?
i would like some help picking out the right processor, motherboard and any other basics i may have missed
Jesse A.
No problem there!
if I could put a PC together for under $1000 that would be great
Jesse A.
Ok. A single 4GB graphics card will be a better option for right now.
that would still get the 4 screen?
Jesse A.
A GTX 960 or 970 (best options for 1k build) will handle four displays no problem
ok does that need multiple display ports or do i use an adapter to add additional displays
Jesse A.
It depends on the type of monitors you plan to use
it's recommended to have 1920 x 1080 monitors for optimal charting
Jesse A.
Yes, that is what I recommend as well
what exactly is DVI?
Jesse A.
Digital Video Input
It is the succesor to VGA.
DVI is on its way out. Being replaced by Display Port
How does the core clock affect performance?
Jesse A.
In this instance it has to do with handling graphical info and processing all the data coming in from the trading sites
Basically the displays and programs
would i only need a single display port and then an adapter to divide to 4 screens?
ok that makes sense
higher the MHz the faster it processes the data
Jesse A.
Yes, but there are lots of other parts to the CPU that affect performance.
Your CPU will vary rarely ever get to the advertised number (which is full load)
Jesse A.
Running multiple dispalys is stressful.
i figured as much
ok how about processors
Jesse A.
I recommend a quad core i5. Pretty standard
I'm working on a parts list for you
you like it better than AMD for multi-tasking?
Jesse A.
I do. Plus they are easier to understand.
are you still with me?
Jesse A.
Ok good
The only thing that build needs is a case, which I leave for you to pick out for aesthetics
Jesse A.
Otherwise you'll be good to go with that machine :-)
would bumping up my memory do anything to affect performance?
and how am i for networking?
Jesse A.
Let me check networking real quick. It has an ethernet port built in
I'm not sure how more RAM affects trading software. It can't hurt, thats for sure!
You need a different motherboard
power supply at 650W sufficient as well?
Jesse A.
You do need a wifi adapter
Yes, it is more than enough. Thats a nice efficient PSU too :-)
I think i would go wired with ethernet
Jesse A.
Thats the best choice for your line of work.
great thanks for all the info
Jesse A.
You have some great software for networking on that mobo.
You're welcome!
for tower size
Jesse A.
You will want a full ATX case
not a mid?
Jesse A.
No, that board is a full ATX form factor
do i need any thermal glue?
Jesse A.
Oh! My bad, an ATX mid tower will work.
That is included with the CPU and CPU cooler.
monitors, mouse and keyboard all that's left???
Jesse A.
Was the $1k budget just for the computer itself?
Do you plan to get all four monitors at once?
not all at once
Jesse A.
yeah for the PC
i have one monitor HP w1707
Jesse A.
I recommend this monitor:
The small bezel will make it easy to read across multiple dispalys
Mouse and Keyboard combo:
I think that would be my main monitor and I would probably do something smaller on the peripheral one
Jesse A.
Do you have any questions about the parts list? or periphreals?
only about linking additional monitors
would i need an adapter?
Jesse A.
No, you don't need any adapters.
You can use all four of the connections in the back of the graphics card for your dispalys
so one through each of the 3 display ports and then one either hdmi or dvi?
Jesse A.
You can daisy chain devices with Display Port
You can support up to four dispalys with that graphics card.
There are multiple permutations
cool I'll look up daisy chain
thanks for everything Jesse
Jesse A.
You're welcome! Enjoy your new PC! :-)
Happy Holidays
Jesse A.
Thanks! Happy Holidays!
Jesse A.
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