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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, No im looking for a good Monitor for gaming with my r9 390....

Micheal T.
Welcome to NewEgg, I'm Mike! How can I help? Are you checking out our laptops?
No im looking for a good Monitor for gaming with my r9 390....
one over 60Hz...
and under 200..
Micheal T.
Let me see what I can find
ok thanks :-)
Micheal T.
No problem , just hold tight for a little bit while I look okies?
yep np
Wow... nicee...
Do u have any more suggestions? maybe a Bit cheaper? with u know.. 1ms Response time.. with higher then 60 hz?
maybe an ips screen...
Micheal T.
Im looking around
Micheal T.
I just saw that was on sale so it is a good deal
yeah looks like it... but i still need to see more before making a decision XD
And Btw the Acer gn246HL monitor link that u sent me... it seems to support Nvidia 3d Lightboost and 3d Vision... does that mean that it doesnt give enough light to AMD Gpu's? or is it just an extra perk?
Micheal T.
It is just one of those extra perks
ooh gotchu
hmmm this monitor looks pretty nice as well...
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Does that mean my r9 390 wont work
Btw that was on the Qnix monitor specifications...
Micheal T.
That seems weird.
yeah... wonder what it means..
Micheal T.
no idea let me keep looking
Micheal T.
Like, it can support a titan but it can't support a 950,960,970,980? Or any of the upper r9 series?
0.o weird...
Micheal T.
ya Idk,
I dont make the rules here
yeah i understand xD
But thanks for the Suggestions man.. i appreciate all your help!
Im gonna have to get going but again i appreciate your help... Bye!
Micheal T.
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