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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, lookimg for advice for garphics cards... can u help on this?

Benjamin S.
Hi there! Welcome to Newegg. Can I help you with a video card?
lookimg for advice for garphics cards... can u help on this?
Benjamin S.
Sure thing
I will be glad to answer any of your questions.
don't know where to start. never bought a graphic card before... so I'm pretty much, but I know my way around computers
Benjamin S.
Well what kinds of games do you plan on playing? I can point you out to the best video card for the lowest amount of money.
not gaming... image processing
Benjamin S.
Oh alright, what programs will you be running?
large files
very large files
CorelDraw and the likes
Benjamin S.
Ok I would probably look for something that has at least 2GB of video memory. Any budget in mind for this card?
don't even know how much they cost to begin width
Benjamin S.
For a 2GB card, $70-$110
I can show you some you could go with
ok that's fair
please do
Benjamin S.
This one would be on the higher end
This one is on the lower end, but would also get the job done just fine.
is that PCIE3.0 x16 ?
Benjamin S.
That is 2.0, but would work in a 3.0 motherboard
ok, I suppose something width 3.0 will be faster?
Benjamin S.
Here is one more that would be in between the two
any adivice?
Benjamin S.
3.0 would be faster. The first card I showed you does have 3.0
so bottom line for image processing u thing all I need is 2GB memory?
Benjamin S.
Yes that would be the ideal amount
any thing I should be looking for?
anything else I...
Benjamin S.
Not that I can think of
ok tahnks for your time
Benjamin S.
Not a problem, glad to help out
Benjamin S.
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