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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, it would appear so, since the site says you don't sell 2k or 4k displays.... yeah, think those pages are broken. but, that's beside the point. what makes a gaming display different from say a graphics or pro display?

Jesse A.
Hey! Are you ready for an awesome new gaming monitor?
it would appear so, since the site says you don't sell 2k or 4k displays...
Jesse A.
That does not seem correct.
yeah, think those pages are broken
but, that's beside the point
Jesse A.
Let me see what I can get for you :-)
what makes a gaming display different from say a graphics or pro display?
Jesse A.
Some big features are things like G-sync, and refresh rate.
try the links on this page, from the nav
Not familiar with g-sync
Jesse A.
I see what you mean..
I don't game a lot, mostly console
but I do some, and I run multi platform on my workstation, mac, win and linux
all the nav items link to "0 Items found"... :/
two brands I don't like, Samsung and Asus, Color management from my experience on those two has been poor at best.
Jesse A.
Thats odd. I wonder if something is wrong with the website :-(
I am not a big fan of the color on my ASUS monitor
I have 2, 8 year old Viewsonics that need calibration every couple years
What I am really looking into is a 27" 2k
Jesse A.
Nice, I can defintely dig up something like that for you. Do you have a budget in mind?
kinda like to stay below the $500 mark
but I really want something that can rotate to 90 for coding
not asking much ;-)
Jesse A.
That is a really helpful feature. Not at all! :-)
I have 2 22" displays as support
color is really important because I also process photographs
Jesse A.
I get that! I do a ton of photoshop and can't use my ASUS monitor for it lol
lol good man
display port doesn't matter much HDMI or DVI is fine
Jesse A.
All 3 are pretty standard on high-res displays
There is something up with the 2k/4k display page.
that's okay, I can wander back thru later, can you toss me a couple of brands. I love my Viewsonics, but maybe you know a more cost-effective route?
Jesse A.
BenQ makes some really solid stuff.
My primary monitor is actually an Alienware (Dell panel). I love the color in it, great for gaming or typing too.
cool, thanks, I'll take a look at both
Jesse A.
Sounds good! I think I gave you a link to Dells new gaming monitor.
yeppers, got that
Jesse A.
BenQ XL2730Z this looks nice
Jesse A.
That looks like it fits pretty much all of your requirements too :-)
damn.. price ends on Saturday
Jesse A.
Good to know.
I'll see what I can find
thanks for the help
good luck with your education
Jesse A.
No problem! Thanks! It's going good so far, almost done!
nice, what do you want to do when you're done?
Jesse A.
I have a plan in the works. Hopefully I can get my name on a AAA game in a few years.
cool, good luck, btw... Nav on the site is broken, bad QA... but search still got me to this display
Jesse A.
Thanks! Also, thanks for that. The site had a few issues earlier as well.
I think they'll get it ironed out pretty quick.
That monitor was a good find
holy cats... amazon $409
oops, 20x
20z, not 30z
Jesse A.
Ya, always gotta check Amazon listings. I find Neweggs much more organized.
Especially for something like monitors when there are so many tiny variables.
yeah, I usually dig around a lot before I buy something, computer stuff, mostly end up here, unless I need Mac gear
Jesse A.
Ya, I'm on Newegg quite a bit. If I can't find it here, I don't what to do lol.
34% off is pretty big too.
I didn't realize how much was off.
for only 3ms less refresh this isn't bad either
BenQ GW2765HT
Jesse A.
Thats a pretty big difference when it comes to gaming.
I would still go with the 30Z, especially as a single monitor. Keep in mind its actually an $800 display.
OH they both are.
2k displays too. Lets look at some other features.
I don't game online, so pvp isn't a concern
and this one is 1 billion+ color vs 16 million
funny that
Jesse A.
Oh wow.
I'm not seeing that bit
why, when I click the request price, does it open a chat window...
Jesse A.
It opens a window to send the price to your email or phone
but it's only up for a second, then it switches to chat
QA need to be strapped to their chairs and chastised fully
Jesse A.
Thats strange. I just had to do that myself to check the prices
I see the color thing now
btw, under the specs: Display Colors
1.07 Billion
Jesse A.
If you plan to do some photo work, that would be the one to go with.
You'll see very subtle color differences.
do you see the price on newegg?
366 on amazon
Jesse A.
It's regular price is $549. Neweggs sale price is $438.
Are you sure thats the same model? Thats a whole new price bracket.
BenQ GW Series GW2765HT
Jesse A.
Looks like it is $379 here.
from amazon?
Jesse A.
No, here on Newegg. I can't help you with the Amazon pricing.
oops, sorry didn't see the price above
Jesse A.
No problem!
that's why, sold by Antonline, not newegg.
ahh ha
kinda slow tonigh
Jesse A.
actually trying to set up a new os... more distracting
Jesse A.
Luckily we are here to help whenever you need :-)
thanks. I will look at this one seriously
color depth is nice if it'll hold :-)
Jesse A.
Great to hear! You'll see way more colors than anyone else who sees your work will be able to.
yeah, except my wife, she has one of the core i7 iMacs... jealous of that display
thanks for your help, glad I opened this window
Jesse A.
Ya, Mac displays are quite nice.
You're welcome! I'm glad I could help you out!
I'll let you get on with your night...
Jesse A.
Thanks! Enjoy the fresh install, and the new monitor!
Jesse A.
Goodbye! :-)
Jesse A.
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