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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I have a GTX 980 Video card, and am trying to determine what monitors I should get

Chris C.
welcome to newegg how may I help you today?
I have a GTX 980 Video card, and am trying to determine what monitors I should get
I would like to get 2 4K probably around 27 inch
Chris C.
and just learded about the g-sync
Chris C.
I do a mix of gaming and business as far as work
Chris C.
cool and did you have a response time preference ?
my current monitors are old dell 24 inch with 1920X1200
not sure what all that means honestly sort of why I am asking, the monitors I have now, are like 8/9 years old
Chris C.
many new bits and pieces since I last looked
Chris C.
nvidia or amd g sync ?
I have a gtx 980 video card, believe that is nvidia gsync
heard amd is freesync or soemthing
not even sure how much difference it will make, but trying to figure that out
Chris C.
it does help with smoothness in the game
I play allot of steam games, some diablo 3
Chris C.
its not like a revelation difference to much but it is nice if your pc handles it well
I am really starting to not look at the 4K panels but the 2560X1440
seems they may be better for gaming and daily use
Chris C.
right and did you want to stick to the 27" or a bit smaller for duo screens ?
I have 24's now, so think that 27's would buy me a bit more, but open to either 24 or 27
Chris C.
and what price range did you want to keep them at?
about 1500 total would be good
Chris C.
let me throw you this one first
nice except it is currently sold out, I may wait for that to come back in stock
I alos like the slim bezel for multiple monitors
Chris C.
crap you're right sorry didnt see the sold out so i guess we can switch over here
and a little cheaper, with the same specs
actually probably has the same panel as the other
Wow, the G-sync really bumps the price of the monitors
Chris C.
it does
I wonder why
apparently 144 refresh rate is way better than 60 or whatever
Chris C.
I wish I could see some of these in person now
to really get an idea of the differences both subtle and major
Chris C.
ya thats the only bad thing about looking online
we have local place or two, may go see what they have, doubt much, since it is a best buy
but might see if they at least have a X1440 or 4k monitor to just look at
Chris C.
ya thats a good idea they usually have items that fit that so you can see the screen in action and get a feel for how it looks for you
does newegg give educational discounts :-)
Chris C.
not at the moment since we are on bug holiday sales
Chris C.
but usually around the beginning of the semester we do
ok, I am not waiting that long, so I will take what I can get
thanks for your time, I really appreciate it
Chris C.
you're welcome :-)
Chris C.
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