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Beau L.

Q. visitor asked, I am. I want to pull the trigger on a monitor but after all I'm reading, even more confused. What monitor wasn't I looking at? lol...

Micheal T.
Welcome to NewEgg, I'm Mike! How can I help? Are you checking out our monitors?
I am. I want to pull the trigger on a monitor but after all I'm reading, even more confused
Micheal T.
Awesome! What monitor where you looking at?
What is confusing you?
What monitor wasn't I looking at? lol...
Micheal T.
Ok so how about this, What do you like to do on your computer?
Micheal T.
Lets find you a great monitor in your price range that will do really well for you
using a Nvidia 970
I don't want dead pixels...I don't want certain other features not to work properly as I see in many reviews
Micheal T.
What is your budget?
I was originally looking for a decent monitor that had a coax hookup so I could watch tv as well. Right now I"m using a 37" tv and with the new graphics is just too big...1080p
Under 500
pixels are too large is what I was trying to say
been told I need to go with a 27:
but now as I'm reading...might be better just to get a 27inch monitor
skip the tv idea all together
Micheal T.
The tv is "ok" but I prefer to have my monitor
as I'm learning...agreed
Micheal T.
So I've been using an AOC monitor for 3 years now with no issues
they are a fantastic company
looked at an AOC but not sure I saw it in 27 inch
Micheal T.
this is a fantastic model and its on a really nice sale currently
Any way I can call you or you call me? I was just looking at a different one and have a boatload of questions.
comparison questions mostly
AOC G2770PQU....what is your thought on that one?
are you still there?
ok then, well thanks
Micheal T.
Pulling it up
dont worry about it, you seem busy. I'll figure it out
Micheal T.
I was just typing out a build
took a moment Im so sorry
That is the one that I have the one that you linked
its a really awesome model
I've had 0 issues with it
which one did I 'link'? You mean the one I copied to you?
Micheal T.
The pro gaming model
Can you rebuttal the fourth review down...the cons section?
Micheal T.
This is a TN monitor, I have no idea why they did not label it as one... which means it doesn't have native 16.7 million colors(6bit, with 2 bit dithering). I think this is the reason why the colors are off so much, the blues look, purple, the reds look orange. Don't even compare this with an IPS panel it will just make you angry. I'm using the newest AOC driver, and using the latest ICC G2770 profile, then I calibrate using the windows color calibration. But no matter what this monitor disappoints in picture, and color quality.
this one?
Micheal T.
To be honest I don't know what this person is talking about. This is the best monitor I have ever owned. The colors are really sharp. I'm also an artist so I spend a lot of time staring at this while working in paint, and I can say that I have no issues with the colors at all.
ok...two more things and I'll let you go...first...
seems very coincidental that out of all the possible monitors I could choose, I picked the exact one you have now? and 2nd...
Micheal T.
I was going to link the 300 dollar one but I try and link great products that are loss expensive .
what does John M mean in his cons review about needing dual link dvi or displayport...both new terms to me
Micheal T.
So I went with the brand that I trust, and one that has really great reviews
Micheal T.
Oh this is an HDMI monitor, what he is talking about is that his PC didn't have an HDMI port so he needed the adapter for DVI
gotcha. my graphics card has an hdmi port that I use now. Am I saying that correct? And I want to take full advantage of the 970 gpu. Am I on the right track?
Micheal T.
the AOC is an HDMI monitor. And I have an evga 4 gb gtx 970 as well. So this will work great for you
I can say from personal experience
ok, well I thank you very very much for your insight
Micheal T.
Also I would like to say just so you feel better
if you don't like it or if there are issues there is a 30 day refund period
So if you get it and hate it, then you really didn't lose anything
I understand...
sorry one more thing...
will I be able to use the 144hz refresh rate out of the box or do I have to do something. And will I notice a difference from 60hz to 144hz with a smaller monitor than my 38 inch
38 inch is just way overkill, I admit lol
Micheal T.
Eh I like to have a TV when I have friends over
so I'll run an HDMI cable from my comp to my TV
so it has its use
but other than that, a gaming performance monitor will really seem like a huge juump
shoot, this is on my desk...folks wanna watch tv...go in the other room or maybe I mount this tv on my wall behind the monitor
excellent help Sir. I appreciate it.
love NE
Micheal T.
This is actually a test service from them so if you love it and want to see it stay make sure you leave a note in your review = )
Micheal T.
If there is anything else I can do for you just let me know = )
to be honest...I don't think I understood your last comment about hdmi from comp to tv. Here's how naive I am I suppose. I just have a coax going directly from wall to tv. how can I use the computer for the tv?
cable box is in other room
Micheal T.
So sorry one moment please
Also, not sure I'm saying this correctly...the gtx970 has vsyinc but it appears this monitor does not support vsync. Not sure what vsync is at the moment. Is that not a problem?
Micheal T.
Its not a problem
see previous question too please
Micheal T.
the HDMI cable is something you run from your comp to your TV
right I do that now...for the computer but not the tv
Oh I see...
Micheal T.
something like this is what i use but mine is longer
was just trying to pull up a quick reference for you
i understand that but...
but where are you getting the tv signal from?
sorry don't get it
Micheal T.
You aren't running the TV, you are using it like you are now, as a monitor from your Computer to the television
I'm sorry if I managed to confuse you.
no it's me i"m sure
Micheal T.
We all have our days
ok, well I promise, this is the last you unplug the hdmi from the computer monitor and then plug it in the tv monitor to watch tv?
Micheal T.
oh no my PC has several HDMI ports
I run 3 monitors normally
so three different graphics cards?
Micheal T.
2 for my desk and 1 that goes to my TV
Oh no I have 2 gtx 970s
I see. I have only one
Micheal T.
Since its just your TV and not your gaming computer you will want to use an adaptor
its really not an issue
so I don't just unplug from one and plug into another? can you steer me to an adapter that might work?
Micheal T.
just plug this one into your DvI port
and it turns it into an HDMI port, just doesn't have the ability to process audio but in that case you just run the audio through your speakers and you don't have any issues
ok I understand :-)
sorry, but thank you for all your help
Micheal T.
Its my pleasure
Was thee anything else I could help you with today?
No thank you
Micheal T.
Please review once you close the chat
would mean a lot
= )
hope you have a great day
absolutely and you as well
Micheal T.
Thank you
Micheal T.
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